Monday, August 12, 2013

Big, big please for a few seconds of your life

Dear friends,

We have the opportunity to win 1,000 euro towards 50 more free sterilizations for the needy animals of Ploiesti, Romania. And it's within your reach to make this happen!

Please go to:

Then click register (it takes a couple of seconds and it's free to register), then go check your email and validate your account, and then please click "vote" for our project. The whole process takes seconds, it's very fast, but it can go a long way here, helping us provide 50 more free sterilizations!

Life is painful in the streets... Spay and neuter is the only solution to prevent this nightmare for thousands of animals. And you can help for free with only a few seconds of your life!

We have also created an online Facebook event for this action:

Big, big thanks!

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