Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Ploiesti Neutering Challenge and cats

Recently we have started to sterilize more and more cats as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. While our priority still represents reducing stray dog numbers humanely through ongoing sterilizations, we realize more and more the need to also help the cats.

Some weeks ago we were contacted by a lady requesting help with sterilizations for an elderly female neighbor of hers, a lady living in an apartment with possibly 20-30 cats... The trouble was that this cat owner did not have her cats sterilized, and she would regularly dump resulting unwanted kitten in front of her apartment complex. In the words of her neighbors, this elderly cat owner is responsible for the stray cat population currently residing in the neighborhood. The neighbors took action and (forcefully) encouraged the elderly cat owner to have her cats sterilized for free through our ongoing sterilization campaign. So no more kitten would end up dumped in the neighborhood.

It's noteworthy to also mention that in the same area, another lady reported having found some days ago the bodies of 2 tortured cats, with their eyes taken out and murdered... Animal cruelty at its finest. Crimes that will not go investigated and punished in present day Romania.

As long as companion animals exist in the streets, whether cats or dogs, they will be vulnerable and exposed to a great deal of suffering. If these animals cannot be guaranteed a safe, decent life, but are instead abandoned in the streets as vulnerable litters, left to fend for themselves, and end up victims of extreme animal abuse... They really should not have been born at all!

We will keep on sterilizing female dogs and cats, homeless or owned. Because no more souls should be born to a life of suffering.

How many female animals will you help us sterilize in order to prevent more suffering litters?

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