Thursday, May 23, 2013

More short spay days in April

On April 26th we held one short spay day at the FPCC vet clinic. A total of 5 females (2 dogs and 3 cats) got sterilized:

This little white dog was found in the streets that very morning. By the state of her uterus, the vet said she had given birth within the previous week. But she had no lactation, no breasts, nothing... And she was found all alone, in terrible condition. So possibly her pups died, or she was separated from her pups soon after birth... But keep her in mind, we named her Dolly and she had a happy ending story!

 Bogdan holding another street female sterilized on April 26th 

Female cats have become well integrated in our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Pups or kitten, no more innocent souls should keep on being born to a life of suffering

The 5 sterilizations from April 26th were kindly supported by: Imko, Irene, Kathi, Paola, Edurne, Radana, Pat, Jeanne, Deborah and Barbel. Thank you all for donating towards sterilizations of needy homeless animals.

Later, on April 30th, we had 3 more females sterilized (1 dog and 2 cats) at the vet clinic in town, courtesy of Linda, Drahomira, Aurelia, Dorothy and Kelly. This short spay day concluded our sterilizations for April.

April was marked by many donations towards sterilizations from people who donated the cost of one coffee in order to help needy animals. To all of you, many thanks! Lots of people coming together and giving as little as 2 euro, but together making one big difference for many animals- that has always been the spirit of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge!

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