Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Dolly update

Remember Dolly, the sweet stray female sterilized by us that needed a few extra days in post recovery care at the vet clinic as she was suffering from parainfluenza? Turns out her prolonged stay at the vet clinic was her luck! The little doggie captured the heart of one of our vets who cared for her. Dolly is brilliant with the vet's 3 year old daughter, and is a star on children's playground. A super friendly, calm, easy doggie that has become in no time everyone's darling. One more rescued doggie getting a lovely home, many little children happy when Dolly comes to the playground with her little owner.

A wee rescue doggie from the streets of Ploiesti, now children's favorite on the playground; showing kids how sweet and lovable former stray dogs can be

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