Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More innocent pups needing homes

Some months ago, driving around to pick up adult female dogs for free sterilizations, we ran across a mommy (a teenage herself) and her litter of pups:

Since the pups were pretty young, we decided to come back a few weeks later to take the mom for free spaying

Unfortunately, very soon after dog catchers came and took the mom and some of the pups to the horrible local pound... Leaving 3 sweet pups behind:

Sammy, Suri and Sony, as we named them, were fortunate enough to be left behind by the cruel dog catchers...

Even better, a dear friend of mine got financially involved and this way we could take the pups in safety, away from the cold and dangerous streets, into a private vet clinic:

The 3 angels at the vet clinic, resting from a bout of play

Unfortunately, despite best treatment, tiny Sammy did not make it... When we rescued him from the streets, he was already having a bad cold that never got better despite being at the vet clinic and receiving daily antibiotic treatment and vitamins... All the ones that got involved in their care took a tremendous hit with Sammy's death, it broke our hearts...

But his sisters Sony and Suri were fine and thrived

Sony and Suri now at our little puppy center, doing super well and being ready to go home

Sony is a super sweet girl that will stay fairly small. Her nickname is "Ducky" because of her fat little body supported by short thick legs :) She's a small girlie with great, friendly attitude

Suri's nickname is "Deer." She is very delicate and has an athletic body structure. Suri will also stay a fairly small, delicate dog. She is a little more shy than sister Sony, but also full of love to give

Can you please help Sony and Suri find their way home? They have completed the full puppy vaccination scheme and will be sterilized within a few weeks. It's already been such a long, tough journey for them. They deserve their chance!

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