Friday, April 19, 2013

Do you care when homeless animals beg with sad eyes for YOUR help?

Dear friend,

The spring season with all its beauty fails to make us happy. This is a terribly sad time of the year for us, as this is when we find countless abandoned pups and kitten in the streets. This is also a season when many homeless animals are either in heat or already pregnant...

In a Romanian city with estimates of up to 8,000 strays, we're working like crazy to prevent through sterilizations more pups and kitten from being born to a life of suffering. There simply are too many already suffering and having greatly reduced welfare. Enough is enough!

This year we have already provided 287 free sterilizations with support from caring people like you. But we need to provide many more. Animal lovers from all over the town are asking us for help with free sterilizations of female animals. We are counting on your help to be able to help them.

One sterilization costs 21 euro, but even the smallest of donations is greatly appreciated and can help a lot. Furthermore, we also need your help to feed dozens of homeless animals in our care, and to provide them with vet help when they need it.

This season, please consider donating the cost of a coffee for the homeless animals of Ploiesti, Romania. One coffee can go a long way here and help a homeless animal quite a bit. It is our creed that many small donations coming from a great many people can in effect move mountains for homeless animals.

One coffee, please?


Sterilized female recovering in the arms of a volunteer

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