Friday, March 15, 2013

Bruno March 2013 update

Remember Bruno? He's been with us since summer of 2012, when he was dumped over the fence into our foster courtyard. A tiny little pup with sad eyes and a beginning of scabies (the low excuse of a human being who dumped Bruno over the fence made us one big "favor" as this got ALL of our foster pups and dogs ill with scabies shortly after...)

That's how Bruno came into our lives. Fortunately, Bruno was always a terribly sweet, gentle and funny character with a desire greater than life to please and to be loved. Unfortunately for him, he's a Rottie cross German Shepherd (best guess). If you think breed perceptions don't matter, think again! Eight months into our care and he's still waiting to go home. He had a couple of occasions to go into foster care in Holland, but each time unexpected circumstances out of our control showed up last minute, and canceled each time his chance to leave for a better life.

When I think of him and how I failed all this time to find him a loving home, it gets me sad. But then I remember what a loving, special character he is. And how he's everybody's favorite at the puppy center. Getting to know him means loving him for who he is, that's exactly the great guy he is. My hope is that it wasn't yet meant to be for him but that his perfect family is just around the corner looking for their dream dog...

Bruno has one big smile to give to the world

 He is sterilized, about 9 months old, and approx. 20 kilos heavy

 He loves to play with the other pups at the puppy center

 Little Sony really has a thing for Bruno and he's super gentle with her

 He loves to run around and play, but always comes back on recall!

... And back for more affection!

That's our Bruno. Simple as that. Now... Can you please share for him so his family can hopefully discover him? Never underestimate the power of sharing!

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  1. Help alle straathonden aan een gouden mandje a.u.b.