Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge January 2013

For January I have one big dream: I want to help sterilize 100 animals from the streets of Ploiesti and surrounding villages.

Because my heart cannot cope anymore with the sight of street puppies and dogs that will simply never get to have a chance. Not even one chance to the good, decent life full of love that they so rightfully deserve. Simply because there are too many of them.

I am really small, and the stray animal overpopulation problem in my part of Romania hangs heavily on my shoulders. But I dream big. I am a stubborn human being with a vision. With enough free sterilizations of street and owned companion animals, paired with educating the local population with regard to responsible and humane animal treatment, animals will eventually win. Reducing their numbers humanely through sterilizations is my goal. The fewer they are, the less suffering there is, for them, as well as for caring people like me.

In January, the month of my birthday, please help me sterilize 100 needy animals. So countless more will not be born anymore to a life of suffering. Each sterilization has an exponential effect on the long run, in reality preventing a great number of animals from being born to a chance-less life.

One sterilization costs 21 EUR and also includes animals' transport to and from the clinic, as well as 48 hours of recovery care at the vet clinic.

This month, please be stubborn and restless side by side with me, and help me create a better world with fewer suffering strays.

Thank you,
¬Alex and the RSDP team
PayPal: sterilizariploiesti@yahoo.com

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