Monday, December 3, 2012

This month, give them the precious gift of caring love!

The holiday season is coming, coinciding with that time of the year when street animals need help the most. Inclement weather, little resources, incoming waves of abandoned puppies, make the holiday season not a very happy time for the thousands of less fortunate stray animals of Ploiesti.

But you can really make a difference! Please help RSDP care for these animals this winter season. We have started 3 ChipIn events for animals' greatest needs:

They need food:

Also found at:

They need sterilizations:

Also found at:

They have urgent medical needs:

Also found at:

You could also help us by donating directly via Paypal to our organization:

Thank you for caring about them this winter!

1 comment:

  1. Keep up the great work - I appreciate so much what you do. I know the how much harder it is in Romanis to get people to care, help and have a decent attitude towards these wonderful and helpless animals! I want to help, so I donate thru paypal $50 to go towards food+most urgent needs. That makes my Christmas brighter, if I know the dogs are better off.

    Ioana (Ina) Tremblay
    Florida, USA