Thursday, September 6, 2012

The angelic doggies in our care

These are only some of the lovely doggies in our care that are looking for forever homes. Special pups or older dogs, all abandoned in the street or in garbage collection points, some with sad or downright horrible stories, but all doing great now and looking forward to a terrific new start. Here they are, our dear survivors:

 Babushka, abandoned when getting older

 Rugby, thrown over the fence as a little puppy in our courtyard

 Rugby being a good older sister for little Bjorn from the ABBA pups

Little Bjorn from the ABBA pups, one mighty little man that wants to live

 Bjorn and Anni-Frid of the ABBA pups

Bjorn getting a kiss from sister Anni-Frid

These are only some of our angelic doggies eagerly awaiting every single day for their forever homes. Please don't let down their smiling faces and wagging tails!

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