Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Once there was a sweet little girl abandoned with her 3 siblings, two girls and one boy, near a train station in Ploiesti. Unfortunately, the little brother was soon killed by the passing traffic, but the three little sisters survived their days in the streets and were taken safely in foster care.

The little girl's name was Tera. Meet Tera on the first day we met her in the streets:

 Little Tera is on the left, looking straight into my eyes

While in foster care, growing up, Tera was always the heart of the doggie party, but also a super sweet puppy loving human company:

After weeks of preparation in foster care, the three surviving girls were finally ready to leave for their forever homes. But little Tera, rambunctious as she was, managed to fracture one leg, so she missed her departure, while her sisters left for beautiful lives abroad.

After weeks of special care, treatment and walking therapy, now teenage Tera is recovered 100%, and she'd really like to go home. She is a 5 month old female puppy, already spayed, Belgian Shepherd mix that will be about knee tall when fully grown. She loves to sit in people's laps and absolutely loves affection as well as other dogs' company. Meet Tera now:

 Tera insisting on staying on my lap!

 Tera the lap dog!

 Tera and pal Albi choosing the funniest places to play

Life is beautiful and fun with Tera around! :) Let's hope for the most amazing adoptive family for this sweet young girl!

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