Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 9 by RAR!

Friday, September 7th: Day 9 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, courtesy of Romania Animal Rescue and SterilizeDogs. And the most productive sterilization day ever for us! A whooping total of 50 animals were sterilized by the wonderful Romania Animal Rescue vet team. And here are the demographics of the 50 sterilized animals:

- 12 animals from the Bucov shelter, and 38 owned and stray animals
-  44 dogs and 6 cats
- 45 females and 5 males

But there is more than demographics about our sterilized animals... Way more. Each one has an incredible story to tell... You just have to stop, pay attention and listen. Only to mention a few of their stories:

- One of the street female dogs we sterilized was poor Cinderella, a super sweet dog, now mothering her last ever series of pups in the streets. Initially she had 8 pups. Now she only has 5 left. The others were killed by passing traffic.

- Three of the stray female dogs were used until now by an irresponsible dog owner as sexual partners for his own male dog. This man believed his male dog needed to "cool down his aggression" by mounting the unfortunate stray females from his neighborhood. He would lock his male dog with one of the stray females in a room of his house, and later he would kick the stray female back in the streets again. No wonder these female dogs were already pregnant! Well, no more of this sick irresponsible man using these female dogs as sexual objects for his dog. The ordeal is now over for these 3 ladies.

- one little female Chihuahua mix was rescued and brought for sterilization after having been abandoned in the woods surrounding Bucov shelter

- A whole family (mom, dad and son) of animal lovers brought in for free sterilizations their 4 female dogs. It was heartwarming to see the little boy caring so dearly for his dogs, and such a great educational opportunity for him.

- An older man retired due to disability (and this means super low pension in Romania) brought in the 3 female cats living on his street. He was terribly gentle and caring with them, and very happy they would stop delivering kittens. 

But better than words, pictures speak for themselves:

 Gabriela with Tera giving me a hug!

 Cinderella, 24 hours after sterilization, feeling well and caring for her last litter ever

So 50 sterilizations on Day 9, apart from the previous 215, raises the total number of sterilizations performed as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge up to 265. Woohoo!!!

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