Thursday, March 31, 2016

Updated Wish List!

Dear friends,

We rely on you for every bit of help in our goal to prevent animal suffering and reach out to help as many animals as possible. This is our updated wish list. If you wish to help us, many thanks!

The big stuff:
- A squeeze cage for safely tranquilizing fearful-aggressive cats brought in for sterilization. For their own safety as well as ours
- Stainless steel modular cage system
- Metal kennels/crates of all sizes
- Plastic flying kennels of all sizes
- pet stretcher on wheels
- foldable surgical table to be used in sterilization campaigns out of clinic

  Medical supplies: 
- sterilization sheets/wraps
- resorbable sutures for sterilization surgeries (resorbable sutures sizes 2.0, 0, 1, and 2 -> vets know!). 
- medicated bandages with collagen, silver or antibiotics
- self adherent elastic bandages
 Medical devices:
- oxygen therapy equipment for animals
- monitoring device for vitals during surgeries
- vet ophthalmoscope
- electrocautery device 

- dewormers 
- flea and tick pipettes

Other supplies: 
- puppy food is always welcome
- wet food
- collars all sizes
- harnesses all sizes
- cleaning supplies with enzymes that remove odor
- professional disinfecting products 

Donated items can be sent to our social partner clinic where we provide the free sterilizations, Friendly Vets for Pets:

Friendly Vets for Pets
Strada Gageni nr 79
Ploiesti, 100137

Thanks from the heart!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Year 2015 in review

2015 has been full of events for us. Most importantly, we've sterilized away hundreds of females, strays and owned, as means to reduce subsequent puppy and kitten abandonment into the cruel streets and death camps. We've also exceeded the 4,000 sterilization mark since the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge started back in 2012! We couldn't have done it without you!

We've also changed the bank account details of our organization. If you wish to support our work, here's where you can donate:

Account holder: Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti
Bank: Banca Transilvania (Ploiesti)
Swift code: BTRLRO22
BIC code: BTRL
Account for EUR: RO20BTRLEURCRT0V15751701
Account for RON: RO35BTRLRONCRT0V15751701
Account for GBP: RO85BTRLGBPCRT0V15751701
Account for NOK: RO85BTRLNOKCRT0V15751701
Account for USD: RO60BTRLUSDCRT0V15751701

Finally, our partner social vet clinic, Friendly Vets for Pets, has moved into a larger location where we can better care for more animals! The location is:

Strada Gageni nr 79
Ploiesti, 100137, Romania

Thank you for having stood by our side so strongly for a noble cause: prevention of suffering!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

What we need... Maybe you can help us?

Here is our wish list that can help us help animals exponentially better!
- dewormers
- heartworm preventives
- flea and tick pipettes
- sterilization sheets/wraps
- puppy food is always welcome
- also, pills with acepromazine, they are good for giving them in food to animals that are hard to catch, it makes them sleepy and easy to catch for sterilization
- A couple of surgical cradles are also needed. They look like this:
- vet ophthalmoscope
- fluorescein products for eye examinations
- Stainless clipper blades number 0 for clipping machines for preparing the animals for sterilization
- an additional clipping machine
- small hand vacuum for vacuuming hair off animals' belly right before sterilization
- a good strong lamp for surgery
- monitoring device during surgeries
- vet thermometer

Our mailing address is:
Friendly Vets for Pets (partner of Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti)
Strada Traian nr 75 B
Ploiesti, 100346

Thank you!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge thus far in 2015!

It's May 2015. A new month with new hopes and energy has started! We're hoping to make 2015 by far our most productive year yet in numbers of animals sterilized, and we rely 100% on you to make this happen.

One sterilization costs as little as 21 euro. That includes vet fees, tranquilizer, anesthetic, absorbing pad for the animal in the recovery unit, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, sterilization sheet, resorbable sutures and so forth.

If you wish to help sterilize female animals, please consider donating to RSDP for the ongoing Ploiesti Neutering Challenge or to our sponsor parents, Stumme Schreie eV and PetOps eV.
Great many thanks!

 Our weekly shopping cart with absorbing pads, cleaning paper, disinfectants and cleaning products so the animals can recover in clean, adequate conditions post surgery