• Spaying and neutering is the greatest way in which you could help the largest number of dogs possible- by preventing unwanted births, and helping contain the stray dog overpopulation in a humane and educated manner.
  •  Please support our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge by donating via paypal to Alternatively, please use the bank account info located on the right side of this blog for a direct bank transfer to our organization. One sterilization costs 90 ron, the equivalent of 21 euro. 

    • The animals in our care need to eat. One bag of 10 kilos of dry dog food costs us approximately 6 euro. We need at least 400 kilos of dry dog food per month for the rescue dogs we're looking after. Any bit of help towards food really matters!
    • Similarly, we often need to cover urgent veterinary costs for needy homeless animals. Expenses range from treatment of injured or diseased animals, to preventive vaccines, de-wormers and flea treatments. 
    • Our organization Paypal is: Alternatively, bank account info of our organization is listed on the right side of this blog.

    • You could adopt one local dog. This is by far the greatest way you could help one individual dog. Life is tough on the streets, and even some of the best cared for strays still get involved in accidents, get broken bones, etc. Nothing is better than a safe, good, loving home with responsible owners! Please see this link for animals for adoption. There are many wonderful dogs with great temperaments, coming in all possible sizes, ages and energy levels, that need owners. 
    • You could consider fostering Romanian stray dogs and helping with finding them responsible, good forever homes.

        WISH LIST
        The big stuff:
        - A squeeze cage for safely tranquilizing fearful-aggressive cats brought in for sterilization. For their own safety as well as ours
        - Stainless steel modular cage system
        - Metal kennels/crates of all sizes
        - Plastic flying kennels of all sizes
        - pet stretcher on wheels
        - foldable surgical table to be used in sterilization campaigns out of clinic

         Medical supplies:
        - sterilization sheets/wraps
        - resorbable sutures for sterilization surgeries (resorbable sutures sizes 2.0, 0, 1, and 2 -> vets know!).
        - medicated bandages with collagen, silver or antibiotics
        - self adherent elastic bandages

        Medical devices:
        - oxygen therapy equipment for animals
        - monitoring device for vitals during surgeries
        - vet ophthalmoscope
        - electrocautery device

        - dewormers
        - flea and tick pipettes

         Other supplies:
        - puppy food is always welcome
        - wet food
        - collars all sizes
        - harnesses all sizes
        - cleaning supplies with enzymes that remove odor
        - professional disinfecting products

        Donated items can be sent to our social partner clinic where we provide the free sterilizations, Friendly Vets for Pets:

        Friendly Vets for Pets
        Strada Gageni nr 79
        Ploiesti, 100137

        Thanks from the heart!
        We are always happy to hear from you!
        Email: sterilizariploiesti (at) yahoo (dot) com


          1. Wow, Alex, you did a wonderful job saving Finch! Greetings from the NL


          2. Thank you Arjan! Finch jumped into my arms!

          3. I posted your blog to my blog. I hope people will find you. I foster dogs from Romania and Italy and have a Spanish and Turkish dog of my own.
            Good luck with your attemps, keep going!
            Best wishes, Maria (

          4. Thank you so very much, Maria! :)

          5. want to have contact with if it can about helping you.
            how can i email you?

          6. Hello,

            You can email me at:

            sterilizariploiesti (at) yahoo (dot) com

            Thank you!

          7. thank you you've got email

          8. I saw the link to your blog at DogRescues FB. Very interresting blog. You really describe the situation of the strays. People need to know how it is. You,re a true hero!

          9. Thank you, Mariette! That was my aim with this blog, to inform people about these dogs. Their story needs to be told.

          10. Hello Alison, if you see this, please email me at so we can talk about adoptions and ways to help. Thank you so much for your message!

          11. is there anything we can do to get the mum and 2 pups off the street and a home ?

            1. At the moment we are full, but we're keeping an eye on them and try to promote them. If anyone can help them it would be truly wonderful!

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          13. When are you planning to organize Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Days in July? I am planning to come to Romania in July and wish to join you on one of those days. What do I need to do for that?
            Best wishes

            1. Wow, Nadia, this would be amazing! I will be away on July 4-8, but other than that we're hoping to hold at least 1 sterilization day per week. Please contact me on our organization email so we can discuss this further! Many thanks! :)

          14. I cannot find your mailadress to get in touch.

            1. It's listed under CONTACT, it's:
              sterilizariploiesti (at) yahoo (dot) com

          15. Hi, What an amazing group of people. I found you through google, am an Australian and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I just read on my facebook, that within the next 14 days, 1000 dogs are to be euthanized in Galati, Shelter. I thought is there something we can do? Please respond, Thank You X On behalf of the dogs