Stunning beauties- former Ploiesti strays
A beautiful heart

One lucky puppy: Smokey

 Holland and the Tramp

From little stray to little princess


A true story from early 2011

Their stray mother died hit by a car when they were only about 9 days old. Their eyes had not opened yet, and they were scared and cold in the abandoned yard. It was January/February 2011 with freezing temperatures.


The weakest of them did not survive, but the other 6 puppies (all girls) were well and taken care of by two foster families.

My family took care of 3 of them, 3 baby girls, 3 little angels:

Yum yum yum yum...

And then zzzzzzz

Waiting for their food!

Getting some love from their human mamma! (the only mom they've ever seen since their canine mom unfortunately died before the pups opened their eyes)

Chicken soup is yummy!

And then falling asleep everywhere!

And getting even more zzzzz's!

...With lots of love and food, they got bigger...

It took a few months, but all 6 surviving pups were found loving homes with responsible owners locally.
...And they grew even bigger!

Ema (one of the baby girls we started with), at 8 months of age, and over 30 kilos in weight... And still growing. And yes, spayed, as she has responsible owners aware of the stray dog overpopulation.

It's amazing what love and care can do.

If only all local strays were so lucky...


  1. You are doing azazing work! Thank you so much!!