From personal experience I highly respect and admire the following animal welfare organizations, some of them having helped the Ploiesti strays.

International organizations:

PetOps e.V. is a German organization helping us tremendously with fundraising events towards our free sterilization campaign, the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge.

Stumme Schreie e.V. is a German organization heart and soul towards the idea of free sterilizations as means to contain the homeless animal overpopulation here in Romania.

Dogs Trust, UK
I have done research for two months at one of the Dogs Trust centers in the UK and was terribly impressed with the quality of the care they provided to their dogs. My friends and I (all animal welfare students and graduates from several countries) all agreed this Dogs Trust center was by far the best dog shelter we had ever seen. Amazing example for us all.

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc., US
This US-based charity has spayed and neutered over 16,000 strays all over Romania in only a few years. Romania Animal Rescue has sponsored hundreds of sterilizations of strays in Ploiesti and has also provided educational brochures for our Educational Program.

ETN e.V., DE
We have received from ETN e.V. much needed aid for the dogs in our care, aid such as food and water bowls, harnesses, car seat covers.

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  1. Thanks for the update, and for all the help you've given these sad abandoned animals. I'll try to help out with a donation occasionally. Later.