We believe education is the ultimate frontier. If we win this fight, we win the war for animals' sake. If we can persuade the local population to care and be sensitive to the situation of the local strays, if we can make them see the link between abandoning unwanted puppies from unsterilized pet dogs, and the overpopulation of stray animals, then the problem is halfway solved.

No matter how many sterilizations and adoptions we'd perform, without engaging the local community to care, become more responsible and help us help the animals, animals would never win.

With this in mind, we recently started our Educational Program in local schools, with educational booklets received from Romania Animal Rescue. The Educational Program strives to educate the little ones about how to behave with stray animals, responsible dog ownership, and the importance of sterilizations.

Day 1 of the Educational Program: 26 school children in 4th grade

Day 2 of the Educational Program: 36 school children in 3rd grade

Day 3 of the Educational Program: 34 school children in 2nd grade and 25 school children in 3rd grade

And many more days to come!

Let the little ones become the change we want to see in Romania and lead the way for us all.

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