Saturday, May 9, 2015

What we need... Maybe you can help us?

Here is our wish list that can help us help animals exponentially better!
- dewormers
- heartworm preventives
- flea and tick pipettes
- sterilization sheets/wraps
- puppy food is always welcome
- also, pills with acepromazine, they are good for giving them in food to animals that are hard to catch, it makes them sleepy and easy to catch for sterilization
- A couple of surgical cradles are also needed. They look like this:
- vet ophthalmoscope
- fluorescein products for eye examinations
- Stainless clipper blades number 0 for clipping machines for preparing the animals for sterilization
- an additional clipping machine
- small hand vacuum for vacuuming hair off animals' belly right before sterilization
- a good strong lamp for surgery
- monitoring device during surgeries
- vet thermometer

Our mailing address is:
Friendly Vets for Pets (partner of Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti)
Strada Traian nr 75 B
Ploiesti, 100346

Thank you!

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