Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dreams for 2015

Our mission is first and foremost prevention of suffering. This is why our focus is providing free sterilizations as means to prevent more innocents souls from being born to suffer. Animals should not be born only to live a short painful life enduring extreme weather outside in the streets, before being killed in traffic, by deadly viruses, or by human cruelty and neglect. Prevention is the most efficient way to help the largest number of animals possible.

For 2015 we wish to sterilize at least 2,000 females in Ploiesti but also in the adjacent countryside of the larger Prahova County. We can do this, but we truly need your support to make this happen. Can you consider helping us? One sterilization costs as little as 21 euro, and every single sterilization matters.

I believe together we can make a forever difference in this forsaken corner of Romania. Thank you!

Tiny incision, fast recovery, yet every single sterilization has a life long impact in a community plagued by massive abandonment of unwanted litters. Together we can change this!

RSDP works towards the day when no more innocent souls would be born to suffer.

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