Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dreams come true when you fight for them and don't give up

So it happened. After an enormous amount of work, Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti has helped open a social veterinary clinic in Ploiesti, Romania. A clinic focusing on prevention of unnecessary suffering via education and free sterilizations. Exactly where our heart is.

Meet Friendly Vets for Pets social veterinary clinic. A small, modest vet clinic in a rented house, but full of dignity and good will, a place that works wonders for the animals of Ploiesti and surrounding villages:

From donations, our organization sponsors free sterilizations daily at Friendly Vets for Pets. Our focus is sterilizing as many females as possible, whether owned or not, dogs or cats. The great news is that people are waking up - people are asking out loud for help with free sterilizations. They do not want any more dogs suffering in the streets, no more abandoned litters, no more dogs born only to be taken by dog catchers then killed in appalling public shelters.

Meet some of our recent cases that received free sterilizations:

A young owned female dog that should have been lactating her pups. Only that her pups are gone. Her owners disposed of them (and by that you can understand they dumped them on the side of the road, in the woods, or worse). A classic Romanian tale. The only great thing is that we had her sterilized. From this day on, no more generations of pups would be born to suffer from her. We have cut suffering from the root

We had this stray cat sterilized today. She was only a baby herself, but life in the streets is tough. A small teenager but already pregnant. From this day on she won't perpetuate the cycle of unnecessary suffering by giving birth to kitten for which the world has nothing great to offer. Even better, she has found herself a local carer to look after her

Found abandoned in a nearby village, this female dog was rescued by a local and found an adoptive family- but only on condition that she be sterilized first. So her rescuer brought her to us for free sterilization today, and then off to her forever home. Sterilizations really do save lives.

These are only three of our most recent sterilized cases. Each animal has an incredible story to tell. A story of survival, of suffering and pain. Each case reminds us why we do what we do - it's best when we can prevent harm in first place. In collaboration with Friendly Vets for Pets, our organization continues to fight towards the day when no pup would be born to be abandoned again. 

And some numbers. From January to June 2014, Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti has provided a total of 352 free sterilizations, most of which were performed at the Friendly Vets for Pets social vet clinic. Our goal is to reach at least 1,000 free sterilizations by the end of the year

It's been an incredible journey of hard work, draining and stressful times. But it's important to never give up. Just as important as it is to have by your side committed friends and sponsors to walk with you on the long run and never give up side by side with you. I cannot thank enough Stumme Schreie e.V. and Petops e.V. for always walking side by side with us and doing their utmost best to help us help needy animals and prevent as much suffering as possible.

This blog has seen a long, long absence. I was simply too busy and overwhelmed to sit down and take the time to write about our activities. The social veterinary clinic Friendly Vets for Pets is up and running!

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