Wednesday, January 1, 2014

August 2013 Report

Never have I imagined I would fall so behind with updating the blog... But here I am, writing on January 1st 2014 about our work in August 2013. The second half of 2013 was beyond busy and crowded for us, and updating the blog was not a priority any longer. We had our hands too deep into doing actual rescue work- and no time to write about it.

August 2013 was magical. Claudia, the owner of our first dog adopted abroad, came to visit us here in Ploiesti, Romania. Claudia adopted Nikita in Germany back in 2011 and we've kept in touch ever since. Aside seeing our everyday reality and meeting the dogs in our care, Claudia and husband Volker got for our dogs around 100 kilos of food:

In August 2013 we also rescued with Claudia a severely undernourished pup in bad shape, Mr Wormy. Mr Wormy, now well and happily adopted in Holland, has become a symbol of our work to prevent more souls from being born into a life of suffering:

And then, August 2013 brought what I consider to be the greatest miracle of my life. Back in May 2013, some aggressive gypsies stole from one of our foster courtyards our sweet Santana, a puppy prepared for adoption. For weeks, we posted reward flyers so we would get Santana back... All in vain. Then August 21st came when I walked as usual into one of our vet clinics... Only to find a grown but injured Santana being treated in there! The puppy I had given up hope on was there, right in front of my eyes, injured but alive:

 Santana growing up in our care, before being stolen by force by aggressive gypsies from one of our foster courtyards

Months later, on August 21st, I found Santana at the vet clinic! Injured after a car accident, but alive

The young couple that had brought the injured dog to the vet clinic filled in the gaps for us. Turns out after stealing puppy Santana from us, the gypsies simply dumped him in one of the villages bordering Ploiesti. The young couple would feed this abandoned puppy in the streets. Until one night when the dog was hit by a car, and they rushed him to the vet clinic... where I found him. Santana was stolen from us, dumped in the streets kilometers away from us, but someone high up there ensured he would come back to us in a most unexpected way. Now Santana is fully recovered after his accident and happily adopted in Holland. A great dog who endured a lot because of human evilness, finally living the life he would have deserved all along.

In August we also received veterinary supplies like sterile compresses and sterilization wraps from another lovely Romanian organization, A Doua Sansa (Second Chance):

Finally, a summary of our work in August 2013:
  • We provided dozens of life saving vaccines to homeless dogs and puppies; and provided medical care to needy diseased or injured animals. Little Max, for example, was a particularly tough case. Injured after a tram accident, he sustained one amputation surgery while in our care and demanded extensive veterinary attention. We were amazed by the overwhelming support we received for Max and are very happy to say now Max is in great shape and under the care of the US organization Nakio's Underdog Rescue. We thank dearly the ones who helped us cover these hefty medical costs in August 2013: Mirjam BH, Frances P, Christine S, Kim W, Robbert and Daisy R, Elaine C, C Reilly, Marie W, Raluca E, Toni R, Mark F, Linda W, Ingeborg P, Carolyn P, Corinne W, Mia L, Nel and Wietske L, John B, Susan P, Moira W, Jane F, Paola M, Yuen T, Lee Ann W, Cristina M, Ritva L, and a secret donor. Your help was very precious!
  • We could purchase over 150 kilos of dog food for the pups and dogs under our care. This was made possible by Mirjam BH and Yuen T. 
  • In August we provided 90 sterilizations part of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Many thanks to the ones who made these sterilizations possible: Dog's Wish NL, Valarie W, Markus W, Toni R, Allison L, Mirjam BH, Erna V, Ramona R, Claudia K, Christina S, Timmy G and the store Hondenbench BE, Gabi S and friend, Claudia D, M Poulos, Eline, Lucie S. Big thanks for preventing more innocent souls from being born to suffer!
 A graph of sterilizations in 2013 by month, up to August

That was our August 2013, a month full of hard work, but also a month of great friendships and miraculous rescues.

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  1. Santana is doing great now, he is a happy puppy and a little rascall ; 0)'