Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sometimes it's really hard... but we have faith

This weekend we drove to visit my grandparents in the countryside, a good 40-kilometer drive from Ploiesti. Best way I can describe the drive there and back would be depressing... Truly depressing because of the numerous homeless dogs and pups abandoned on the side of the road.

In effect, almost no one sterilizes their own dogs in the Romanian countryside. All too often, the unwanted pups end up on the side of the road, abandoned in nearby towns, gas stations, train stops, cemeteries, school and church courtyards, you name it; sometimes even drowned or left to die in the woods. So I say, what's the point? What's the point of allowing these pups to be born only to suffer and die a slow painful death?

We wish to put an end to all this. Very soon we start in Ploiesti our own social veterinary clinic that will focus on providing free sterilizations to owned and homeless females. Precisely because we wish to prevent future souls to be born to suffer. But we truly want to go further, to reach out more. We really want to tackle the nearby countryside of the larger Prahova County- after all, that's where most abandoned puppies come from!

Coming soon, in Ploiesti, a social veterinary clinic focusing on providing free sterilizations as means to contain the homeless animal overpopulation humanely and effectively!

We have a plan mapped out for the countryside. But for this, we would really need a mobile vet clinic- a spay station that could travel around villages in the larger Prahova County and provide free sterilizations. Because the nearby countryside is too depressing. Because we want to prevent more souls from being born to endure cold winters on the side of the road like this:

A mobile vet clinic would complement our social veterinary clinic in Ploiesti, giving us wings in the countryside. This is our dream for the rural areas surrounding Ploiesti:

A spay station, our dream for the countryside. Image taken from this web article

Can you make RSDP's vision complete? Can you please, please, please, help us with a mobile vet clinic?

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