Thursday, November 7, 2013

July 2013 Report

Am I late with updating the blog about our activity... In effect, the last few months have been possibly the busiest of my life, with little or no time to write about what we did for the animals here. This is our report about our activity in July 2013:
  • The heart of our work is sterilizations; always more sterilizations, as means to prevent more future suffering. In July 2013 we could provide a total of 73 sterilizations courtesy of some great people and organizations who truly cared to help. Thank you dearly, Dog's Wish, Timmy G and, Yuen T, Claudia K, Heather of Pure Puppy Inc, Mirjam BH, Katty G, Ioana C, Riitta UR, Ulrike M, Valarie W, Amy CJ, Eline, Susanne G, Lucie S, Maureen W, Angelika and Martin M, and unstoppable friend Toni R. Thank you from the heart!
  • In July we could buy 210 kilos of dry dog and puppy food; plus many cans of wet puppy food. Thank you dearly, HondenBrokkenMakers and friend Yuen!
  • In July we tried to help as many needy souls as possible; the usual veterinary treatments for animals in need; highlighting with baby Panda's demodex treatment plus providing free vaccines for a litter of orphan puppies whose mom succumbed to poisoning in June 2013. Thank you, Yuen, BrittMarie Z, Anne Elise A, Michaela S, Katrin K, Daisy and Robbert R, Gavin D, Emmie P, for helping us help them!
  • For me, the highlight of July 2013 was going to Holland to attend Erkemeder Hondendag, a doggie event where I could meet no less than 16 of RSDP's former rescue dogs! Such events are such a huge motivating factor, helping us Romanian rescuers move on. Also, many thanks for the wonderful gifts we have received for the strays in our care.
 Happy and surprised! Lots of Advantix tick treatment and a doggie hair trimmer, some of the gifts received from HondenBrokkenMakers on this occasion; in addition, we've received several bags with much needed aid and dog food offered by other dear friends
  •  At the end of the month we were visited by Cindy who brought us aid collected by the organization Help4Strays.Woohoo!
A bit of the aid from Help4Strays delivered by Cindy

Despite all the hardships, we had by our side friends that cared tremendously. Thank you!

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