Monday, September 2, 2013

Sterilizations up to now in 2013

I'll say it out and loud, as often as I have to. Sterilizations are the heart and core of our work. Because we love animals, and because it's too many animals already suffering in the streets without the prospect of ever being adopted. We strive to end this chain of unnecessary suffering by preventing the birth of even more pups born to suffer. So we sterilize. As much as we can afford to.

Here's our work in numbers for the first 8 months of 2013:

In January-August 2013 we have sterilized a total of 636 animals; above please see the number of sterilizations by month

We aim to touch the 1,000 milestone by the end of the year. For the month of September 2013, our goal is no less than 110 sterilizations (hopefully our most productive month yet). But we need your support to make this happen.Will you help? One sterilization costs 21 euro.

Our Paypal is:
Alternatively, bank account information is listed on the right side of this blog.

A friend once wrote to me an amazing quote: "We do not want to combat the misery but we want to prevent its origin." This is precisely what we try to do.

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