Monday, September 30, 2013

Lighting up Romania through education

Nothing can reach farther and achieve more than education. It's a fact. No one can hold the world alone on one's shoulders. One needs to share the burden. Reaching out, sharing the light of knowledge and getting others to care and help is the way to go.

Today one of our collaborating vets, Cristina, performed her very first keyhole spay surgery as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge! Our sterilized animal number 770 of this year. While she has helped our animals tremendously in the past, this is a new beginning. Vet Cristina has just completed the veterinary training camp offered by Romania Animal Rescue and held by world class veterinarian Aurelian Stefan. A young person with great morals and amazing compassion for homeless animals, now Cristina can perform keyhole spay surgeries with minimal recovery time for the animals.

Thank you, RAR, Dr A and dear sponsor who made vet Cristina's education possible at the veterinary training camp! Such great young people are truly worth investing in; it's really an investment in the betterment of needy Romanian animals.

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  1. I made a few short visits to Ploiesti in 2011. Nice city,lovely people good hotels but the number of stray dogs with beautiful temperaments and sad lost expressions broke myhard. Glad someone is doing something about it. Multumesc.