Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A letter about Romania to the normal world out there

This is a day of mourning for the souls of the homeless dogs of Romania. Today, September 25th 2013, the Highest Court of Justice has deemed the mass dog cull law of September 10th to be constitutional. Therefore... this time officially, hundreds of thousands of dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments will perish... I won't explore the many cruel ways in which these animals are going to be killed in reality. I will just bitterly contemplate on the new low that my country has reached in terms of decency, responsibility and humanity. At doing the right thing, Romania is null.

We held a spay day today, another one... Because we care too much and don't want any more souls to be born only to suffer. One gentleman who brought in a female dog for free sterilization commented: "while I was waiting for the dog to get sterilized, I noticed an older man bringing 3 adorable little pups to the shelter. He said that if the shelter would not accommodate the pups, he would simply dump them in the street. I could not resist asking him why not sterilize his female dog as means to prevent this. He answered: what, you want her to get fat? And stop guarding the courtyard properly? No way!"

Similarly, another lady commented: "Both female dogs of idiot cousin of mine just had puppies, many puppies. I asked him what he would do with them. He said he'd dump them as he'd be unable to keep them all. With the cold season coming in, and he wants to dump them. What can I do? He's got no clue about sterilizations. I asked him to try to find a home for each puppy, he could not care less. "

These are Romanians. This is their pure essence when it comes to humane and responsible treatment towards animals. This is the norm in a country where normality has nothing to do with what's normal. How then... will the impending mass dog cull solve the homeless animal overpopulation? If people keep on breeding and dumping dogs in the streets like this? Twice a year, every single year... How will this monster stop? With so many reckless careless Romanians, the new law will only ensure that animals will keep on being born to be dumped to be killed. Romanian logic. Romanian decency. Romanian responsibility. The new law does nothing to promote sterilizations as means to prevent future dogs. It simply gives right to kill.

I attended a local TV show a few weeks ago regarding the mass dog cull law. I kept on talking about the importance of a mass sterilization program of all owned dogs as means to prevent subsequent abandonment into the streets. Two prominent local politicians who also attended the show said on TV that such measures of imposing sterilization of owned dogs (or owners having to pay a tax for entire dogs) were against human and animal rights...

Clearly, they see no issue concerning human and animal rights when countless beloved animals are culled in most atrocious ways, and us, the hopeless animal rescuers, are rendered powerless rag dolls having to assist this nightmare.

I would have loved to be able to say that Romania is better than this. Oh wait, we do have a saying. We have a beautiful country, too bad it's ruined by its inhabitants.


  1. I am in mourning along with you from the USA. We have signed petitions, sent letters, but the barbaric corrupt government will not hear our cries. I wish the dogs could be taken to a safe border.

  2. We are many who fight with you and for the dogs,like Sweden. We, the other EU members/countrys share EU money for programs to Spay/Neuter dogs in Romania.ASK your parliament WHERE this money goes to? Until then keep on fighting for those without a voice.WE speak for them <3 //Tuula from Sweden

  3. Also in Greece we donate, as citizens of the EU, and contributed to the Spaying Programs in Romania! WHERE DID THIS MONEY GO? Your corrupt politicians should be brought to JUSTICE BEFORE US ALL IN THE EU! DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT! MAKE BIG FUSS ABOUT IT!

  4. Im so sad! I wonder what else can I do? I am from Mexico where people think similarly - yet things are getting better. I currently live in Germany and I feel so sad I cant do anything, just like with the monsters who eat dogs. I am so frustrated :(

  5. I am ashamed of being Romanian.

    1. And i'm so sorry that you are but please dont forget that there are many romanian people how help to save the dogs with all of us

  6. It's horrible. I don't understand why UE doesn't stop them. Romania doesn't respect European Law . We pay for them and when did this money go?

  7. I heard that the erratication project is beeing postponed. Is there ANY truth in this? Does anybody know?

  8. It's October 14 today, and still no news on this dreadful project. I'm looking everywhere I can, news, papers, websites, no luck, no news. Are the strays beeing killed as we speak? Does this massacre continue? Who can provide us with some information? There were rumors and unverified information here in Greece that the Authorities, due to the global negative impact of this inhuman decision, has withdrawn the implementation of the new Law, and that the stray dogs' massacre campaign, is ceased. How much truth is there in this? Who can tell us?

  9. We also have sent a petition from Poland against this sick and horribe low and nothing!How it is possible that so many people are signing petitons and it's going nowhere? peopole are more cruel than animals I am ashime for human race;O(