Monday, September 30, 2013

Lighting up Romania through education

Nothing can reach farther and achieve more than education. It's a fact. No one can hold the world alone on one's shoulders. One needs to share the burden. Reaching out, sharing the light of knowledge and getting others to care and help is the way to go.

Today one of our collaborating vets, Cristina, performed her very first keyhole spay surgery as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge! Our sterilized animal number 770 of this year. While she has helped our animals tremendously in the past, this is a new beginning. Vet Cristina has just completed the veterinary training camp offered by Romania Animal Rescue and held by world class veterinarian Aurelian Stefan. A young person with great morals and amazing compassion for homeless animals, now Cristina can perform keyhole spay surgeries with minimal recovery time for the animals.

Thank you, RAR, Dr A and dear sponsor who made vet Cristina's education possible at the veterinary training camp! Such great young people are truly worth investing in; it's really an investment in the betterment of needy Romanian animals.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A letter about Romania to the normal world out there

This is a day of mourning for the souls of the homeless dogs of Romania. Today, September 25th 2013, the Highest Court of Justice has deemed the mass dog cull law of September 10th to be constitutional. Therefore... this time officially, hundreds of thousands of dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments will perish... I won't explore the many cruel ways in which these animals are going to be killed in reality. I will just bitterly contemplate on the new low that my country has reached in terms of decency, responsibility and humanity. At doing the right thing, Romania is null.

We held a spay day today, another one... Because we care too much and don't want any more souls to be born only to suffer. One gentleman who brought in a female dog for free sterilization commented: "while I was waiting for the dog to get sterilized, I noticed an older man bringing 3 adorable little pups to the shelter. He said that if the shelter would not accommodate the pups, he would simply dump them in the street. I could not resist asking him why not sterilize his female dog as means to prevent this. He answered: what, you want her to get fat? And stop guarding the courtyard properly? No way!"

Similarly, another lady commented: "Both female dogs of idiot cousin of mine just had puppies, many puppies. I asked him what he would do with them. He said he'd dump them as he'd be unable to keep them all. With the cold season coming in, and he wants to dump them. What can I do? He's got no clue about sterilizations. I asked him to try to find a home for each puppy, he could not care less. "

These are Romanians. This is their pure essence when it comes to humane and responsible treatment towards animals. This is the norm in a country where normality has nothing to do with what's normal. How then... will the impending mass dog cull solve the homeless animal overpopulation? If people keep on breeding and dumping dogs in the streets like this? Twice a year, every single year... How will this monster stop? With so many reckless careless Romanians, the new law will only ensure that animals will keep on being born to be dumped to be killed. Romanian logic. Romanian decency. Romanian responsibility. The new law does nothing to promote sterilizations as means to prevent future dogs. It simply gives right to kill.

I attended a local TV show a few weeks ago regarding the mass dog cull law. I kept on talking about the importance of a mass sterilization program of all owned dogs as means to prevent subsequent abandonment into the streets. Two prominent local politicians who also attended the show said on TV that such measures of imposing sterilization of owned dogs (or owners having to pay a tax for entire dogs) were against human and animal rights...

Clearly, they see no issue concerning human and animal rights when countless beloved animals are culled in most atrocious ways, and us, the hopeless animal rescuers, are rendered powerless rag dolls having to assist this nightmare.

I would have loved to be able to say that Romania is better than this. Oh wait, we do have a saying. We have a beautiful country, too bad it's ruined by its inhabitants.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hysteria of the stupids

As you may already know, a tragic incident happened on Monday, September 2nd 2013; a tragic accident with dramatic and long term implications for Romanian stray dogs.

A little child of 4 years old was left unsupervised by his grandma for 45 minutes during their stroll in a park in Bucharest. Many things could have gone bad for a 4 year old baby left unsupervised for as long as 45 minutes. He could have been targetted by a pedophile; he could have fallen into an open sewer; he could have walked into traffic; he could have been kidnapped for the black market, for adoptions, child sex trade or for organs. Unfortunately, the little child wandered off with his 6-year old brother outside the park, into an abandoned courtyard guarded by homeless dogs acting as guard dogs of the premises. It's heartbreaking to say that the poor child was savagely attacked and killed by the pack of dogs, dogs I highly suspect of predatorial aggression; dogs that should by no means have been in the streets. According to the autopsy report, the baby's body had hundreds of bite marks, many targetted to the head and neck. I really really suspect not just territorial aggression from the dogs; I suspect full blown predatory aggression. A fairly rare form of aggression, but an extremely dangerous one. Such dogs should by no means have been left in the streets. Both humans and other dogs (it is my strong convinction that most homeless dogs are harmless and are not a threat to people) are seriously at risk when such predatorial aggressive dogs (even very few) are in the streets.

Now, the drama unfolds to unprecedented consequences... Since Monday when the dramatic incident happened, the media and authorities have inflicted a general state of hysteria in the general public. That's all you see on TV: the drama of the little baby savagely killed by ruthless homeless dogs. There is a general state of hysteria in the audience. In 2 days, the local Bucov shelter reported 1,000 phone calls from Ploiesti residents asking Bucov to come take the homeless dogs from their neighborhoods. We walk our own dogs on leash, and you see people panicking when they see your leashed dogs. I just received a phone call from a friend of mine and big animal lover who was crying: in her neighborhood, about 20 men (excuse me, Neanderthalians) were chasing with clubs a female dog reported to have biten (the biting part was unsure, some said she did, others said she did not, but what mattered was the 20 hysterical gorillas chasing her with clubs and set to kill her).

On Monday, our very own president, known to have been responsible for the atrocious killing (NOT humane euthanasia) of hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs in the past, talked against sterilizations and urged politicians to do an emergency vote for mass dog killing in Romania.

All of a sudden, because of a few seriously aggressive dogs that should by no means have been in the streets, 3 million homeless dogs are about to lose their lives; of which the vast majority is harmless and would not pose a threat to people and children. But during these times of mass hysteria, there is no place left for reasoning.

During these terrible times, no one asked the most intelligent question: why do stray dogs exist in first place? - they exist because people abandoned them as pups or as pregnant adults in the streets. By all means, a human created problem for which the victims (the dogs) are being held accountable today. It's never the human to blame...

More than ever, we are dead set on sterilizing more and more, in order to prevent more innocents from being born to a life of suffering in a country that wants to kill them anyway. With this occasion, I want to thank OIPA for kindly donating our organization a whooping 1,000 EURO that will help towards 50 more sterilizations. Especially in these super hard times, we simply cannot allow any more innocents to be born to suffer and die in torture. This time, it is THAT BAD.

If you wish to help...
  • you can donate towards more desperately needed sterilizations. One sterilization costs 21 euro, but it can prevent huge suffering of innocents that did not ask to be born. Paypal: Alternatively, bank account info is listed on the right side of our blog.
  • you can foster or adopt a homeless dog and save him from a terribly gloomy and uncertain future here in Romania. Please have a look at our adoption page or write to us for more info about other dogs. At the moment, many dogs under our care are not listed on this blog because they are still in the streets, and we could harm them by making them public
  • Please see if there is any event in your area (like a protest or brainstorming meeting) for the future of the homeless dogs of Romania. We get news that such protests are going to be in several countries, including in Netherlands in the Zwolle area. If you could get involved it would be super!

Please stay tuned!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sterilizations up to now in 2013

I'll say it out and loud, as often as I have to. Sterilizations are the heart and core of our work. Because we love animals, and because it's too many animals already suffering in the streets without the prospect of ever being adopted. We strive to end this chain of unnecessary suffering by preventing the birth of even more pups born to suffer. So we sterilize. As much as we can afford to.

Here's our work in numbers for the first 8 months of 2013:

In January-August 2013 we have sterilized a total of 636 animals; above please see the number of sterilizations by month

We aim to touch the 1,000 milestone by the end of the year. For the month of September 2013, our goal is no less than 110 sterilizations (hopefully our most productive month yet). But we need your support to make this happen.Will you help? One sterilization costs 21 euro.

Our Paypal is:
Alternatively, bank account information is listed on the right side of this blog.

A friend once wrote to me an amazing quote: "We do not want to combat the misery but we want to prevent its origin." This is precisely what we try to do.