Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sharing the light of knowledge

I am writing this time a different kind of appeal. It's something very dear to my heart and highly important for the homeless animals of Ploiesti, Romania. As you may already know, some of the sterilizations performed part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge are done by a group of young female vets in town. New female graduates with their hearts in the right place, with great work ethics and morals; with great compassion for homeless animals; kids that studied hard to become vets for the right reasons. However, they are at the beginning of their careers and they still need to perfect their sterilization skills.

So I had an epiphany. What if I helped the girls get trained into doing microscopic keyhole spay surgeries? I launched an appeal on Facebook, and my friend Nancy Janes of Romania Animal Rescue came up with a great idea: let's have the girls trained to do top quality keyhole surgeries as part of the Veterinary Training Camp! This program costs 1,500 USD per vet, and so now Romania Animal Rescue is actively raising money to make these young female vets' further education possible.

Could you please help Romania Animal Rescue raise funds so the young female vets we're collaborating with can attend the Veterinary Training Camp and learn to provide five star quality sterilization surgeries? Here's the link where you can do so, and please specify the donation is for RSDP vet training or Ploiesti vet training:

Personally, I think the hardest thing is to find the right people with the right principles and morality. These young female vets are truly worth investing in. Thousands of animals from Ploiesti and surroundings would benefit from their further training!

Weeks ago, vet Cristina trying to save with me a poisoned dog in the streets of Ploiesti. A great vet and person that really deserves this chance to further her sterilization skills

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