Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New articles about Ploiesti dogs

In the last week several organizations and news outlets wrote about Romanian homeless dogs and about Ploiesti animals specifically. We are deeply grateful to them for putting Ploiesti on the map in terms of companion animal welfare and informing the world about what is happening to animals in Romania, a member of the European Union.

OIPA has recently written an article about the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals describing the mass poisoning of hundreds of dogs and cats. The highly informative article can be found at this link. Furthermore, OIPA has also started a petition addressed to the Ploiesti mayor urging against the mass poisoning campaign and for sterilizations instead. The petition can be found at this link.

Friends Nico and Smokey have also featured on the cover page of Dutch newspaper Verdieping. The internet version of this article about foreign dogs adopted into Holland can be read here.

Nico and Smokey, speaking up for Romanian companion animals

Thank you for informing the world about these animals here that did not ask to be born, yet were born anyway to a life of suffering. Here, all alone, without our foreign animal friends, we'd be too weak to mean anything. Thanks for being our voice!

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