Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More sterilizations in June 2013

June 2013 was particularly tough... First, all our energies focused on the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals; on gathering information and evidence against the ones responsible for the mass poisonings; on getting animals out of harm's way. Secondly, vet Gabi Bratu and his FPCC team were away for most of the month, getting busy sterilizing in a different part of Romania. Nonetheless, apart from Day 35 and Day 36 performed by vet Gabi Bratu before his departure, in June we managed to provide 18 more emergency sterilizations at the vet clinic in town.

 Despite tough timing, we still managed to provide 18 emergency sterilizations at the vet clinic in town focusing on females in heat or pregnant

The 18 emergency sterilizations performed in June 2013 at the vet clinic in town were made possible by friends Toni R, Ulrike M, Lucie S, Samantha H, Yuen T, Jannie and Pieter G, Claudia K, Eline and Susanne G. Thank you for standing by our side in a time when we needed help the most!

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