Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 2013 Report

June 2013 will forever be remembered in our hearts for the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals; a month in which hundreds of animals (stray or owned) were mercilessly poisoned at night time, or taken by men and never to be found alive in the local Bucov pound. Personally, I know I will never go over the June Ploiesti Siege, those animals that suffered terribly and died will always haunt me. It was a brutal month for those animals that did not ask to be born to suffer; and for us who witnessed it all and felt terribly powerless in this forsaken place. I was among the young people who would patrol the streets at night (1 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM, you name it) in order to protect our dear homeless dogs. The photo camera kindly donated by a dear friend plus a whistle were my only weapons, as I would guard my dear homeless dogs at night and keep an eye on the streets in case I'd meet the ones responsible for the Siege.

Two friendly small sized female dogs, mom and teenage daughter, mom sterilized by us, with semi owned status (would stay in a courtyard but also stray in their street) were among the hundreds of homeless animals that succumbed to painful poisoning. RIP, little angels...

While our hearts and minds were with the dogs that succumbed to the Siege on homeless animals, we still worked hard, trying to prevent more litters from being born into such a heartless world; and care for the animals already born and suffering. Here's what we managed to achieve in June 2013 thanks to kind support from animal friends:
  • In June we could provide 52 sterilizations courtesy of HondenBrokkenMakers, Leonie P, Toni R, Danny C, Timmy G and Hondenbench.be, Cheryl from Wholesale Inc, Claudia K, Yuen T, Diane W, Janice H, Ulrike M, Lucie S, Samantha H, Jannie and Pieter G, Eline and Susanne G. Thank you kindly!
  • We also managed to buy over 210 kilos of dry dog and puppy food, and many cans of wet food for the homeless animals we look after. Thank you, HondenBrokkenMakers, Ingela B and Samantha H for making this possible!
  • We could provide dozens of vaccines, vet care and paid pension for needy animals and pups, de-worming and flea treatments, all thanks to Samantha H, Sabine S, Jannie and Pieter G, Claudia K. Many thanks also to Tzitzi and Pearl's sponsors Marjolein, Robbert and Daisy for helping towards their ongoing Demodex treatments!
  • Can not thank enough friend Toni R for thinking of us in those dark times of the Siege and sending us financial support towards the expenses encountered by us, such as post mortem analyses of poisoned dogs which showed Furadan/Carbofuran poisoning had been the cause of death.
  • Unrelated to dogs, but big thanks also to Erna and Sinninghe for helping financially a poor Ploiesti human resident suffering from multiple sclerosis.
Well, that was our June 2013... Whenever I think of it, my stomach sinks... But we survived.

 To end on a happy note, here's 2 of our rescued souls, doing really well and waiting for wonderful forever homes. On the left, Tchibo Bonbon was miraculously the only dog left alive in one parking area of Ploiesti during one night of the Siege. On the right, little Panda, my moral savior during the Siege, a pup that kept me busy and made me laugh so much in times when I needed it the most

That was our June 2013. We survived.

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