Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just when I thought I had seen it all...

I consider myself to be pretty hardened and rational, but seeing this little guy today... Was tough. He's a teenage male pup of very small size, I'd say 3 kilos max. His front paws were severed by a tram ONE WEEK AGO... He was cared for by homeless people until now. Today they finally contacted one of our volunteers, and the volunteer called me about him. I told her to urge the homeless people to rush him to the vet clinic asap. He's been like this for a week...

Fortunately for him, only the right front leg is seriously affected, the bone is sticking out and will need to be amputated. Left front leg is ok, only the paw is partially affected, but he still even has some nails left! So that leg should be ok. He's at the vet now in paid pension and tomorrow he's likely to undergo amputation surgery for his right front leg.... His amputation surgery plus further vet care until he recovers will cost quite a bit... But he is young and tiny and will only lose one leg, and we really think he has his whole life ahead and can live a life worth living on only 3 legs.

Can you please help us help him? Our paypal is: Alternatively, bank account details can be found on the right side of this blog. Please mention your help is for Max.

Max really would have deserved a better start in life than to be abandoned as a pup in a highly trafficked area and endure so much pain. But this is it, and now we have to pick up the pieces and help him heal, recover and live a life worth living.

Our main focus are sterilizations in order to prevent exactly such dramas... Animals that did not ask to be born to suffer like this. But when they are already born and suffering... we simply cannot close our eyes and ears to their suffering.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 2013 Report

June 2013 will forever be remembered in our hearts for the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals; a month in which hundreds of animals (stray or owned) were mercilessly poisoned at night time, or taken by men and never to be found alive in the local Bucov pound. Personally, I know I will never go over the June Ploiesti Siege, those animals that suffered terribly and died will always haunt me. It was a brutal month for those animals that did not ask to be born to suffer; and for us who witnessed it all and felt terribly powerless in this forsaken place. I was among the young people who would patrol the streets at night (1 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM, you name it) in order to protect our dear homeless dogs. The photo camera kindly donated by a dear friend plus a whistle were my only weapons, as I would guard my dear homeless dogs at night and keep an eye on the streets in case I'd meet the ones responsible for the Siege.

Two friendly small sized female dogs, mom and teenage daughter, mom sterilized by us, with semi owned status (would stay in a courtyard but also stray in their street) were among the hundreds of homeless animals that succumbed to painful poisoning. RIP, little angels...

While our hearts and minds were with the dogs that succumbed to the Siege on homeless animals, we still worked hard, trying to prevent more litters from being born into such a heartless world; and care for the animals already born and suffering. Here's what we managed to achieve in June 2013 thanks to kind support from animal friends:
  • In June we could provide 52 sterilizations courtesy of HondenBrokkenMakers, Leonie P, Toni R, Danny C, Timmy G and, Cheryl from Wholesale Inc, Claudia K, Yuen T, Diane W, Janice H, Ulrike M, Lucie S, Samantha H, Jannie and Pieter G, Eline and Susanne G. Thank you kindly!
  • We also managed to buy over 210 kilos of dry dog and puppy food, and many cans of wet food for the homeless animals we look after. Thank you, HondenBrokkenMakers, Ingela B and Samantha H for making this possible!
  • We could provide dozens of vaccines, vet care and paid pension for needy animals and pups, de-worming and flea treatments, all thanks to Samantha H, Sabine S, Jannie and Pieter G, Claudia K. Many thanks also to Tzitzi and Pearl's sponsors Marjolein, Robbert and Daisy for helping towards their ongoing Demodex treatments!
  • Can not thank enough friend Toni R for thinking of us in those dark times of the Siege and sending us financial support towards the expenses encountered by us, such as post mortem analyses of poisoned dogs which showed Furadan/Carbofuran poisoning had been the cause of death.
  • Unrelated to dogs, but big thanks also to Erna and Sinninghe for helping financially a poor Ploiesti human resident suffering from multiple sclerosis.
Well, that was our June 2013... Whenever I think of it, my stomach sinks... But we survived.

 To end on a happy note, here's 2 of our rescued souls, doing really well and waiting for wonderful forever homes. On the left, Tchibo Bonbon was miraculously the only dog left alive in one parking area of Ploiesti during one night of the Siege. On the right, little Panda, my moral savior during the Siege, a pup that kept me busy and made me laugh so much in times when I needed it the most

That was our June 2013. We survived.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Big, big please for a few seconds of your life

Dear friends,

We have the opportunity to win 1,000 euro towards 50 more free sterilizations for the needy animals of Ploiesti, Romania. And it's within your reach to make this happen!

Please go to:

Then click register (it takes a couple of seconds and it's free to register), then go check your email and validate your account, and then please click "vote" for our project. The whole process takes seconds, it's very fast, but it can go a long way here, helping us provide 50 more free sterilizations!

Life is painful in the streets... Spay and neuter is the only solution to prevent this nightmare for thousands of animals. And you can help for free with only a few seconds of your life!

We have also created an online Facebook event for this action:

Big, big thanks!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More sterilizations in June 2013

June 2013 was particularly tough... First, all our energies focused on the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals; on gathering information and evidence against the ones responsible for the mass poisonings; on getting animals out of harm's way. Secondly, vet Gabi Bratu and his FPCC team were away for most of the month, getting busy sterilizing in a different part of Romania. Nonetheless, apart from Day 35 and Day 36 performed by vet Gabi Bratu before his departure, in June we managed to provide 18 more emergency sterilizations at the vet clinic in town.

 Despite tough timing, we still managed to provide 18 emergency sterilizations at the vet clinic in town focusing on females in heat or pregnant

The 18 emergency sterilizations performed in June 2013 at the vet clinic in town were made possible by friends Toni R, Ulrike M, Lucie S, Samantha H, Yuen T, Jannie and Pieter G, Claudia K, Eline and Susanne G. Thank you for standing by our side in a time when we needed help the most!

New articles about Ploiesti dogs

In the last week several organizations and news outlets wrote about Romanian homeless dogs and about Ploiesti animals specifically. We are deeply grateful to them for putting Ploiesti on the map in terms of companion animal welfare and informing the world about what is happening to animals in Romania, a member of the European Union.

OIPA has recently written an article about the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals describing the mass poisoning of hundreds of dogs and cats. The highly informative article can be found at this link. Furthermore, OIPA has also started a petition addressed to the Ploiesti mayor urging against the mass poisoning campaign and for sterilizations instead. The petition can be found at this link.

Friends Nico and Smokey have also featured on the cover page of Dutch newspaper Verdieping. The internet version of this article about foreign dogs adopted into Holland can be read here.

Nico and Smokey, speaking up for Romanian companion animals

Thank you for informing the world about these animals here that did not ask to be born, yet were born anyway to a life of suffering. Here, all alone, without our foreign animal friends, we'd be too weak to mean anything. Thanks for being our voice!

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 36

Shamefully behind with updating our sterilization days, but here we go! On June 4th we picked up 14 female dogs for free sterilizations as part of our Day 36 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. It was a particularly hot day, and many scheduled dogs were out of sight, hiding under vehicles to keep cool. We managed to catch a total of 14 female dogs:

Two days later, on June 6th, we returned the 14 sterilized animals back into their territories:
 About to be released!

 A mommy, now sterilized, happily greeted upon return by her puppy from her last litter

Out of the van, glad to be brought back to her neighborhood

Day 36 of sterilizations is in honor of Ellis, now Ollie; a puppy born in Ploiesti to an owned mother, but a puppy that had to be rescued from a most severe case of neglect together with his surviving siblings; a puppy sponsored by HondenBrokkenMakers who also found him a most beautiful forever home in Holland!

Ellis, now Ollie, back in winter, the first time we met him, a skinny famished puppy happy to feed on a slice of bread: 

Same puppy, now in Holland, happily adopted via HondenBrokkenMakers:
Formerly Ellis, now Ollie, with a totally different life now in Holland

Thank you dearly, HondenBrokkenMakers, for helping us save Ollie and for finding him such a lovely family! Ollie, Day 36 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge is sponsored by HondenBrokkenMakers in your honor! Thank you kindly, HondenBrokkenMakers!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Woof, the buttons are here!

Friends Claudia and Volker had a great idea and super surprise. Now that our new logo is up, Claudia and Volker made buttons with the new logo of our organization. Here they are:

 The buttons are here!

Nikita, the model of our new logo (or, as you'd say in the fashion world, the face of RSDP), proudly presenting the new RSDP buttons

Thank you, Nikita, Claudia and Volker!

Our new organization logo!

Meet Nikita, our first ever doggie adopted abroad in the fall of 2011, now a real beauty and the "little" girl of friends Claudia and Volker:

Since she was our first adopted doggie, we made Nikita the symbol of our organization! So now we have a more meaningful logo made by Nikita's adoptive dad himself, a new logo to honor Nikita. Our successful adoptions and happy tail stories began with you, Nikita, you gave us a terrific start in our line of adoptions, so our new logo is for you:

Many thanks, Nikita, for bringing us a lot of good luck, and thank you, dear Claudia and Volker, for all your support of Romanian homeless animals!

Sharing the light of knowledge

I am writing this time a different kind of appeal. It's something very dear to my heart and highly important for the homeless animals of Ploiesti, Romania. As you may already know, some of the sterilizations performed part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge are done by a group of young female vets in town. New female graduates with their hearts in the right place, with great work ethics and morals; with great compassion for homeless animals; kids that studied hard to become vets for the right reasons. However, they are at the beginning of their careers and they still need to perfect their sterilization skills.

So I had an epiphany. What if I helped the girls get trained into doing microscopic keyhole spay surgeries? I launched an appeal on Facebook, and my friend Nancy Janes of Romania Animal Rescue came up with a great idea: let's have the girls trained to do top quality keyhole surgeries as part of the Veterinary Training Camp! This program costs 1,500 USD per vet, and so now Romania Animal Rescue is actively raising money to make these young female vets' further education possible.

Could you please help Romania Animal Rescue raise funds so the young female vets we're collaborating with can attend the Veterinary Training Camp and learn to provide five star quality sterilization surgeries? Here's the link where you can do so, and please specify the donation is for RSDP vet training or Ploiesti vet training:

Personally, I think the hardest thing is to find the right people with the right principles and morality. These young female vets are truly worth investing in. Thousands of animals from Ploiesti and surroundings would benefit from their further training!

Weeks ago, vet Cristina trying to save with me a poisoned dog in the streets of Ploiesti. A great vet and person that really deserves this chance to further her sterilization skills