Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Speaking up for the Ploiesti strays

We are extremely grateful to our friends speaking up for the Ploiesti strays, especially in most difficult times such as the June Ploiesti Siege.

Remember our Dutch friend Nico and his dog Smokey, a dear former Ploiesti stray, who came over last summer with aid for the homeless dogs? This time Nico and Smokey are speaking up for the Ploiesti strays in a local Dutch newspaper; highlighting the importance of sterilizations as means to contain the stray animal overpopulation; and the horrendous mass poisonings of homeless animals from the past few weeks. Here it is:

Very many thanks, Nico and Smokey, for being spokespeople for the thousands of unfortunate souls living a tough life in the streets of Ploiesti, Romania; and for the victims of the June Ploiesti Siege. Thank you for your incredible dedication and care!

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  1. Are Romanians savages? How can you not be aware that killing, torturing anything sentient just shows you to be similar to Hitler and his actions of the Holocaust!