Monday, July 1, 2013

More on the June 2013 Ploiesti Siege

We're still recovering from the terrible shock of the June 2013 Ploiesti Siege on stray animals. It has been a month beyond brutal, and now we're picking up the pieces and trying to find the culprits and bring justice for the countless animals that died in agonizing pain from being poisoned.

I have on my desk the lab results from the 3 poisoned dogs we took for post mortem examination, post mortem analyses we have paid for ourselves... The result is brutal, even if we were expecting it. The animals were poisoned with Furadan (Carbofuran), one highly toxic and deadly poison. One milliliter of it could kill an adult human being. A poison banned in Europe since 2008...Yet obviously still found in large amounts in Ploiesti, Romania.

Reading the lab results further, I realize that all three dogs examined post mortem must have suffered horrific deaths. Their lungs, liver, spleen and intestines were found to be congested. These animals bled inside from the poison and the pain must have been atrocious. Not only they died, but they died in a most brutal agonizing way. Like them, hundreds other animals, only in Ploiesti, only in a few days. Like them, millions of innocent animals all over Romania, throughout the years.

What did 21st century Romania, member country of the European Union, come to? And what did the European Union come to, if they don't ever have a word into the never ending atrocious killings of homeless animals here as means to control stray animal population? A huge wrong of Romania, but also a massive failure of the European Union to step up and do the right thing. Shame, shame, shame.

Well then, dear European Union, please meet this dog we tried to save for hours, a poisoned dog whose suffering we have witnessed, and surely will never forget. At least have the decency to watch this short video of her suffering, it's the minimum amount of respect you owe this animal that did not ask to be born to a life of suffering in a member state of the European Union:

It would have been an amazing moral victory for me to save this poisoned dog we found still alive one evening in June 2013. Instead, I've seen her suffering for hours even if the vets did everything they could for her, and she still lost the fight. A friendly homeless dog sterilized by Vier Pfoten some years ago. A dog that surely did not ask to be born to a life of suffering. How many more have to suffer like this for high ranking politicians to step up for them and actually do something to prevent more such suffering?

Yes, I am very very angry. In such moments I think all politicians that could really do something large scale against future animal cruelty surely must be psychopaths with little or no empathy for other living beings. It really feels like the men of honor are long gone from the political stage; and that only a bunch of normal people, with little resources and power but unlimited good will, still try to weave wonders in a very unfair war.

What have we come to? Baits with poison placed in public areas such as parks and parking lots have also affected owned animals taken on walks. In those very same places where children also play... Do you think our local administration ever did anything to inform the public about the risk of children getting in contact with poison in these public places? Think again. It was us, animal rescuers, who also tried to draw awareness locally about the risk of children coming into contact with the deadly poison. We actually cared!

At the end of the day, the killers killed in agonizing pain countless animals (also affecting owned companion animals), but did nothing to control the animal overpopulation responsibly on the long run. Animals will keep on being dumped in the streets by irresponsible citizens and within months numbers will go up again, like each and every single time after stray animal killing sprees. Coral Impex S.R.L. got richer this month after picking up the dead animal bodies for incineration, courtesy of our local administration, from citizens' tax money. How convenient for them...

Yes, it's tough and absurd what is going on. It's Romania. BUT it's also the European Union, one should not forget that.

June 2013. Remember them. As for us, we'll keep on sterilizing like mad in order to prevent more such future suffering.


  1. oh my good Lord, this was hard to watch. I just have one question though. Was there no way to humanely euthanize this dog to prevent more suffering? I am so sorry about the pain the dogs and you all had to go through witnessing this. What can we do to help? I am in South Africa.

  2. I am so very sorry about what happened in Ploiesti and continues to happen to dear animals in Romania. Yes, it is 2013 and Romania is a member of the EU and this barbarity has to stop. At the very least the officials who sanctioned the brutality must be held accountable and answer questions about the use of the poison Furadan, banned in Europe since 2008. Do they believe they are untouchable and can do whatever they wish, be it within the law or outside of it? If so we need to ask why and force change. Politicians, sit up and take note of what is happening for the sake of the animals and the citizens, men, women and children, of Romania who must be affected by what they are seeing and hearing. Change for the good has to come. Deborah Reilly