Sunday, July 14, 2013

May 2013 Report

I know it's really late, but better late than never. The past few weeks have been crazy and beyond, and now I can finally find the time to write about RSDP's work in May of 2013.
  • In May we provided no less than 102 free sterilizations for the homeless and owned companion animals of Ploiesti and suburbs! These sterilizations were made possible courtesy of: Yuen T, Toni R the wonderful friend of cats, HondenBrokkenMakers and HEMA Puttershoek, Timmy and the store Hondenbench BE, Wouter and Help4Strays, StrayDogs Rescue NL, Eline, Melanie F, Patricia M, Joanne V N, Susana A O, Marika T, LeeAnn from Ballroom Dance Instruction, Claudia K, Mary H, Brenda, Eva-Maria S, Inge P, Ingrid R, Deborah R, Lisa SC, Jacqueline BS, Gabriele B, Katelijne, Kristin S, Sabine S, Marie FK, Claudia DD, Danny C, Alan and Debbie M, Pamela M, Kathryn W, Stephen T, Cecilia B, Anna H, Susanne G, Nacima, Ana Z, Leonie P, Elly P, Mirjam BH, Antina S and Caroline T. Big big thanks for 102 sterilizations!
  • In May we were able to purchase 190 kilos of dry dog food for the many stray dogs and pups we're looking after and also cover older debts on dog food from previous months; plus purchase wet food for the little ones; and greatly needed calcium and vitamin supplements for them. This was made possible with generous donations from: HondenBrokkenMakers, Toni R, Anastasia K, Mirjam BH, Carolyn P, Irene G, C. Reilly, Angela E, Cherie B, Meryl P, Margaret W, Myrna C, Mette P.
  • May was also a busy month in terms of veterinary needs. We provided many vaccines for dogs and pups; tick treatments; blood tests; veterinary treatments and paid veterinary pension for ill and needy animals. All these were made possible by HondenBrokkenMakers, Irene G, Sabine SP, Yuen T, Lisa H, Claudia V, Danny C. 
  • It's also worth mentioning that May 2013 has been our most productive month ever in terms of international rescues. In May, 19 of our beloved rescue dogs left for better lives in Holland, Germany and UK. I cannot thank enough the angels that helped us save them!
 Bruno in summer of 2012, an ill abandoned little pup that came into our care

 Bruno and his big tongue shortly before leaving for Holland in May of 2013, after almost one year in our care. But the great family he has now was so worth the wait!

Thank you for helping us help so many animals in May 2013!

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