Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Echos from the past, a happy PRESENT in Holland

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend with friends the Erkemeder Hondendag event for dogs in Holland. Words feel too small to describe the happiness I have felt when meeting 16 of our former rescue dogs that stopped by at our little stall. Simply, amazing.

Sheppie and Lila, the first 2 lovely visitors of the day!

Smokey, visitor number 3 with his amazing owner!

 Gia, now Gina, our visitor 4, my sweet little treasure, now a big girl doing amazingly well

Little Twix, an angel of a little girl, visitor number 5

Mommy Loofah, visitor number 6,  had the opportunity to be reunited with her daughter Twix above

 Number 7: Ricky, now Mickey, a super lucky dog that beat parvo as a little frail stray pup

Our visitor number 8, Lilo, now Daan, enjoying the sun and being lazy

 Whazzup! Visitor 9, Giusto, is here!

 And visitor 10, delicate Suri, comes along with pal Giusto

 Visitor 11, another extra lucky pup, our dear Baby Bear, now Skimmer, enjoying a fun day outdoors! When he was little, his stray siblings got killed in traffic or by big adult dogs... He was the lucky one left

 Ellis, now Ollie, our visitor number 12, rescued months ago with siblings Gia and Lilo from a most despicable case of animal neglect

The luckiest number 13 that has ever been! Slanic, rescued last year as a little puppy from a life and death situation

 AnniFrid, visitor 14, always happy to run to her first mommy!

 Visitor 15, Spots, now Tessa, rocks with her good looks and cool attitude!

And then that incredible surprise: me being reunited with our former Rugby, now Daisy, by sheer coincidence. The surprise visitor number 16!

A day that gave purpose to our work; reminding us why we work so hard for the homeless dogs in this tough town and country. 

And then the song "You gotta have friends" sang by Donkey from Shrek rings in my ears. It was friends that enabled me to be here, to attend this beautiful event that charged me up with positive energy after weeks of trauma in Ploiesti. Thank you so much, Jacqueline, Yuen, Arjan, Simone, Mariska and father, for making it possible for me to attend this event!

A good team of beautiful friends trying to weave wonders for the countless unfortunate souls of Ploiesti, Romania. And the happiest when seeing former rescue doggies doing so incredibly well!

PS: More information about the event and gifts we have received coming up. This was just my first emotion of gratitude following the event.

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