Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dog's Wish speaks up for Romanian strays!

Dog's Wish recently spoke with Piep Vandaag, a Dutch website with animal news, about the situation of Romania's homeless companion animals; the thriving business off of dogs' suffering; but also the recent mass stray animal poisonings from several Romanian cities including Ploiesti. The article can be found at this link; a highly informative article shedding light on Romania's national stray animal problem; an article that delves deeper into how local administration mishandles stray animal overpopulation in Ploiesti.

Dog's Wish is highly familiar with Romania but also with Ploiesti specifically, having visited Ploiesti in 2012 and 2013. On both occasions Dog's Wish volunteers participated in meetings with local authorities and provided educated insights into solving the stray animal problem humanely and responsibly. Great advice and good will that unfortunately fell on authorities' deaf ears as the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals showed. However, this makes us even more determined to sterilize and educate more.

We are extremely grateful for Dog's Wish's help in exposing Romania's illegal and inhumane stray animal massacres. We really depend on the world out there to see, care and take a stance so that changes for the better can happen. Here, alone, unheard, we'd be too small and powerless.

 Dog's Wish and RSDP together at Erkemeder Hondendag in Holland, doing the utmost best to raise awareness about the stray animal suffering in Ploiesti and Romania in general

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  1. Daca aveti atitea dovezi dati-i in judecata. Angajati un avocat bun si incercati sa urgentati procedura de judecata. Daca rezultatul nu e satisfacator dati statul roman in judecata la CEDO.