Saturday, July 13, 2013

Changing countries for lives worth living

This weekend 5 of our sweethearts flew to Holland to begin new lives; lives totally different from the ones they had here. Meet them and hear their stories:

 Last summer, Mopey was a little girl abandoned in a factory courtyard with her brother...

 Sister Mopey and brother Dopey would get along super well. They were really great pups. We had them vaccinated and sterilized, and hoped and hoped that good homes would eventually line up for them

One day we heard Mopey was adopted locally by one of the guards of that factory courtyard. We were so happy about it! Then brother Dopey also got adopted by the same guard, we were told. We were happy for them... Until we heard from another guard of that factory that in fact it was lies- in reality the first guard had simply dumped siblings Mopey and Dopey into another factory courtyard with lower stray dog density. A place where Dopey unfortunately found his death... In the new factory courtyard he was seriously hit by a car; then dumped on a field and left to die (all too common a story here... Romanians dumping suffering animals in areas out of sight for their own comfort, totally disregarding animals' suffering). Hearing the real story, we just had to rescue Mopey from that unsafe factory courtyard where her brother had been seriously injured then treated like that.

Mopey recently, a super sweet little dog, soon before starting a new life in foster care in Holland

Millie is a super sociable teenage pup we had to rescue from the streets of a nearby township on the outskirts of Ploiesti. Being terribly friendly, she would happily run to everyone for petting and some food; and often get shoo'd and kicked instead. A small dog too friendly for her own good in the tough Romanian streets. Millie is now also in foster care in Holland

In early March we heard of a case of stray little pups whose mother had been taken by dog catchers to the horrible Bucov pound (and the pups left probably to die in the street). Shortly after the mom was rescued from the pound and reunited with her pups in a safe place (turns out she was the sweetest, loveliest little dog, a dream dog, really, so we cannot imagine why dog catchers came to take her)

Months later, teenage pups Lion, Snickers and Mars were ready to go to Holland in foster care or to adoptive families (their sister Twix and mommy Loofah are already happily adopted in Holland)

Mopey, Millie, Lion, Snickers and Mars are in Holland starting this weekend. Ready to begin the good lives they deserved all along. 

We are aware adoptions won't solve the local stray animal overpopulation and their suffering. Only sterilizations and education can prevail on the long run in a community like Ploiesti with up to 8,000 homeless dogs. But sometimes we run into really tough situations; and we find ourselves unable to turn our backs to such needy dogs and pups. That's when we rescue.

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