Friday, July 12, 2013

Another beautiful gift from Dierchip.NL!

We wished so badly for a basic microchip reader for months... And finally our wish came true, even better than we ever imagined. We received a first microchip reader from TASSO e.V. and shortly after we received a second microchip reader from the generous Dierchip.NL!

The microchip reader we have just received from Dierchip.NL! A brand new microchip reader from the Trovan series

We have a saying in Romanian, something in the lines of  "you create heaven by giving." We gave the second microchip reader from Dierchip.NL to our vets to use; the vets that are helping us help dozens of needy stray animals every month. Very kind vets with big hearts and much compassion for homeless animals. As strange as it may sound, but they did not have a microchip reader; in fact, very few vet clinics in Ploiesti have microchip readers. We were happy to give them the gift from Dierchip.NL. This way, both our microchip readers are put to good use; ensuring the homeless animals we rescue and re-home wear proper identification transponders.

Thank you so very much, Dierchip.NL, for your generous donation! And thank you so much, dear Astrid, for contacting Dierchip.NL for us and telling them about our work and our great need for a microchip reader. All the more amazing that not just one, but two organizations/companies responded so generously to our need for a microchip reader.

A truly great and useful gift!

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