Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A restart for life

We've had some wrecking past few weeks with massive poisoning of countless homeless animals. Animals that did not ask to be born to a tough life in the streets and die in agony. My brain shuts down; my mind refuses to go back to those many wonderful dogs we have got to know, dogs owned or stray, that suffered atrocious deaths after ingesting poison during the June 2013 Ploiesti Siege on companion animals.

We're fighting now on two battlefields. On the one side, we're working on gathering more evidence and exposing the killers responsible for the cruel illegal death of hundreds of companion animals, owned or homeless. On the other side, we continue viciously our sterilization work. We're committed to sterilize as many animals as possible so:
  • there will be fewer animals born to suffer horrific deaths by poisoning. Remember that in the June Ploiesti Siege puppies as young as 6 weeks were poisoned to death... 
  • there will be fewer animals born to end up in the horrible Bucov pound;
  • We must always keep in mind that the horrible poisoning campaigns, the horrible Bucov pound, and the ongoing acts of cruelty and neglect towards homeless animals occur because there are many animals in the streets. Because of their large numbers, these animals are seen as pests and have no inner value in the eyes of the average citizen. Reducing their numbers substantially through sterilizations will hopefully prevent future poisoning campaigns, and ensure that a larger percentage of them would find a home.
  • experience has shown us that stray females become exponentially more adoptable locally after being sterilized. Almost no one would adopt locally an entire female dog... quite on the contrary, many female dogs get abandoned when pregnant or maturing and going into heat.
We're committed to keep on going with our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge and we're more motivated than ever. It's a must that we reduce stray animal numbers humanely. Otherwise, dramas like the June Ploiesti Siege will keep on reoccurring.

Can you help us?
Alternatively, bank account info is listed on the top right side of this blog. 

 Copied from the Humane Alliance, a great message for bring proactive, all the more pertinent given our situation in Ploiesti

Copied from Facebook, not sure where this photo is from but it passes on a great message... Reminds me of the advice received from a friend: "You don't get angry, you get even." And our way to get even is to sterilize, sterilize, sterilize like mad; and then sterilize some more. So the monsters won't have any more dogs left to kill in atrocious ways

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