Saturday, July 20, 2013

Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti OIPA Member League!

We are very proud and happy to communicate that our organization has recently been accepted as OIPA member league! OIPA stands for Organisation Internationale pour la Protection des Animaux and is an NGO affiliated to the United Nations Department of Public Information.

Here's the letter with the delightful news:

Thank you kindly!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 35

Time to catch up with our sterilization events from the last couple of months! On June 3rd we held Day 35 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, with 20 sterilizations (16 female dogs and 4 female cats) at the FPCC clinic on the outskirts of Ploiesti. Here's Day 35 in pics!

 Volunteers bringing in animals at the beginning of the day!

 A homeless female, already pregnant. She got sterilized for free, plus received a haircut and much needed flea and tick treatment, courtesy of RSDP donors!

 More female dogs waiting to get sterilized

 These cute little teenage pups were from an unwanted pregnancy of an owned female dog. Fortunately for them, not only they got sterilized, but local animal lovers also managed to find them homes locally, and we also covered their vaccines courtesy of our dear RSDP donors

 Sterilized, and with numbered ear tag to show it

 And the lovely cats

Outside, volunteers giving some TLC to a sweet homeless female newly abandoned in the area...

That was our work for the day, our Day 35 with 20 free sterilizations, made possible by generous donors: Leonie P, Danny C, Timmy G and, Cheryl from Wholesale Inc, Claudia K, Yuen T, Diane W and Janice H. Big, big thanks from 20 lovely animals that won't give birth anymore to more pups to continue the cycle of suffering.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dog's Wish speaks up for Romanian strays!

Dog's Wish recently spoke with Piep Vandaag, a Dutch website with animal news, about the situation of Romania's homeless companion animals; the thriving business off of dogs' suffering; but also the recent mass stray animal poisonings from several Romanian cities including Ploiesti. The article can be found at this link; a highly informative article shedding light on Romania's national stray animal problem; an article that delves deeper into how local administration mishandles stray animal overpopulation in Ploiesti.

Dog's Wish is highly familiar with Romania but also with Ploiesti specifically, having visited Ploiesti in 2012 and 2013. On both occasions Dog's Wish volunteers participated in meetings with local authorities and provided educated insights into solving the stray animal problem humanely and responsibly. Great advice and good will that unfortunately fell on authorities' deaf ears as the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals showed. However, this makes us even more determined to sterilize and educate more.

We are extremely grateful for Dog's Wish's help in exposing Romania's illegal and inhumane stray animal massacres. We really depend on the world out there to see, care and take a stance so that changes for the better can happen. Here, alone, unheard, we'd be too small and powerless.

 Dog's Wish and RSDP together at Erkemeder Hondendag in Holland, doing the utmost best to raise awareness about the stray animal suffering in Ploiesti and Romania in general

May 2013 Report

I know it's really late, but better late than never. The past few weeks have been crazy and beyond, and now I can finally find the time to write about RSDP's work in May of 2013.
  • In May we provided no less than 102 free sterilizations for the homeless and owned companion animals of Ploiesti and suburbs! These sterilizations were made possible courtesy of: Yuen T, Toni R the wonderful friend of cats, HondenBrokkenMakers and HEMA Puttershoek, Timmy and the store Hondenbench BE, Wouter and Help4Strays, StrayDogs Rescue NL, Eline, Melanie F, Patricia M, Joanne V N, Susana A O, Marika T, LeeAnn from Ballroom Dance Instruction, Claudia K, Mary H, Brenda, Eva-Maria S, Inge P, Ingrid R, Deborah R, Lisa SC, Jacqueline BS, Gabriele B, Katelijne, Kristin S, Sabine S, Marie FK, Claudia DD, Danny C, Alan and Debbie M, Pamela M, Kathryn W, Stephen T, Cecilia B, Anna H, Susanne G, Nacima, Ana Z, Leonie P, Elly P, Mirjam BH, Antina S and Caroline T. Big big thanks for 102 sterilizations!
  • In May we were able to purchase 190 kilos of dry dog food for the many stray dogs and pups we're looking after and also cover older debts on dog food from previous months; plus purchase wet food for the little ones; and greatly needed calcium and vitamin supplements for them. This was made possible with generous donations from: HondenBrokkenMakers, Toni R, Anastasia K, Mirjam BH, Carolyn P, Irene G, C. Reilly, Angela E, Cherie B, Meryl P, Margaret W, Myrna C, Mette P.
  • May was also a busy month in terms of veterinary needs. We provided many vaccines for dogs and pups; tick treatments; blood tests; veterinary treatments and paid veterinary pension for ill and needy animals. All these were made possible by HondenBrokkenMakers, Irene G, Sabine SP, Yuen T, Lisa H, Claudia V, Danny C. 
  • It's also worth mentioning that May 2013 has been our most productive month ever in terms of international rescues. In May, 19 of our beloved rescue dogs left for better lives in Holland, Germany and UK. I cannot thank enough the angels that helped us save them!
 Bruno in summer of 2012, an ill abandoned little pup that came into our care

 Bruno and his big tongue shortly before leaving for Holland in May of 2013, after almost one year in our care. But the great family he has now was so worth the wait!

Thank you for helping us help so many animals in May 2013!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Changing countries for lives worth living

This weekend 5 of our sweethearts flew to Holland to begin new lives; lives totally different from the ones they had here. Meet them and hear their stories:

 Last summer, Mopey was a little girl abandoned in a factory courtyard with her brother...

 Sister Mopey and brother Dopey would get along super well. They were really great pups. We had them vaccinated and sterilized, and hoped and hoped that good homes would eventually line up for them

One day we heard Mopey was adopted locally by one of the guards of that factory courtyard. We were so happy about it! Then brother Dopey also got adopted by the same guard, we were told. We were happy for them... Until we heard from another guard of that factory that in fact it was lies- in reality the first guard had simply dumped siblings Mopey and Dopey into another factory courtyard with lower stray dog density. A place where Dopey unfortunately found his death... In the new factory courtyard he was seriously hit by a car; then dumped on a field and left to die (all too common a story here... Romanians dumping suffering animals in areas out of sight for their own comfort, totally disregarding animals' suffering). Hearing the real story, we just had to rescue Mopey from that unsafe factory courtyard where her brother had been seriously injured then treated like that.

Mopey recently, a super sweet little dog, soon before starting a new life in foster care in Holland

Millie is a super sociable teenage pup we had to rescue from the streets of a nearby township on the outskirts of Ploiesti. Being terribly friendly, she would happily run to everyone for petting and some food; and often get shoo'd and kicked instead. A small dog too friendly for her own good in the tough Romanian streets. Millie is now also in foster care in Holland

In early March we heard of a case of stray little pups whose mother had been taken by dog catchers to the horrible Bucov pound (and the pups left probably to die in the street). Shortly after the mom was rescued from the pound and reunited with her pups in a safe place (turns out she was the sweetest, loveliest little dog, a dream dog, really, so we cannot imagine why dog catchers came to take her)

Months later, teenage pups Lion, Snickers and Mars were ready to go to Holland in foster care or to adoptive families (their sister Twix and mommy Loofah are already happily adopted in Holland)

Mopey, Millie, Lion, Snickers and Mars are in Holland starting this weekend. Ready to begin the good lives they deserved all along. 

We are aware adoptions won't solve the local stray animal overpopulation and their suffering. Only sterilizations and education can prevail on the long run in a community like Ploiesti with up to 8,000 homeless dogs. But sometimes we run into really tough situations; and we find ourselves unable to turn our backs to such needy dogs and pups. That's when we rescue.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Another beautiful gift from Dierchip.NL!

We wished so badly for a basic microchip reader for months... And finally our wish came true, even better than we ever imagined. We received a first microchip reader from TASSO e.V. and shortly after we received a second microchip reader from the generous Dierchip.NL!

The microchip reader we have just received from Dierchip.NL! A brand new microchip reader from the Trovan series

We have a saying in Romanian, something in the lines of  "you create heaven by giving." We gave the second microchip reader from Dierchip.NL to our vets to use; the vets that are helping us help dozens of needy stray animals every month. Very kind vets with big hearts and much compassion for homeless animals. As strange as it may sound, but they did not have a microchip reader; in fact, very few vet clinics in Ploiesti have microchip readers. We were happy to give them the gift from Dierchip.NL. This way, both our microchip readers are put to good use; ensuring the homeless animals we rescue and re-home wear proper identification transponders.

Thank you so very much, Dierchip.NL, for your generous donation! And thank you so much, dear Astrid, for contacting Dierchip.NL for us and telling them about our work and our great need for a microchip reader. All the more amazing that not just one, but two organizations/companies responded so generously to our need for a microchip reader.

A truly great and useful gift!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Speaking up for the Ploiesti strays

We are extremely grateful to our friends speaking up for the Ploiesti strays, especially in most difficult times such as the June Ploiesti Siege.

Remember our Dutch friend Nico and his dog Smokey, a dear former Ploiesti stray, who came over last summer with aid for the homeless dogs? This time Nico and Smokey are speaking up for the Ploiesti strays in a local Dutch newspaper; highlighting the importance of sterilizations as means to contain the stray animal overpopulation; and the horrendous mass poisonings of homeless animals from the past few weeks. Here it is:

Very many thanks, Nico and Smokey, for being spokespeople for the thousands of unfortunate souls living a tough life in the streets of Ploiesti, Romania; and for the victims of the June Ploiesti Siege. Thank you for your incredible dedication and care!

A restart for life

We've had some wrecking past few weeks with massive poisoning of countless homeless animals. Animals that did not ask to be born to a tough life in the streets and die in agony. My brain shuts down; my mind refuses to go back to those many wonderful dogs we have got to know, dogs owned or stray, that suffered atrocious deaths after ingesting poison during the June 2013 Ploiesti Siege on companion animals.

We're fighting now on two battlefields. On the one side, we're working on gathering more evidence and exposing the killers responsible for the cruel illegal death of hundreds of companion animals, owned or homeless. On the other side, we continue viciously our sterilization work. We're committed to sterilize as many animals as possible so:
  • there will be fewer animals born to suffer horrific deaths by poisoning. Remember that in the June Ploiesti Siege puppies as young as 6 weeks were poisoned to death... 
  • there will be fewer animals born to end up in the horrible Bucov pound;
  • We must always keep in mind that the horrible poisoning campaigns, the horrible Bucov pound, and the ongoing acts of cruelty and neglect towards homeless animals occur because there are many animals in the streets. Because of their large numbers, these animals are seen as pests and have no inner value in the eyes of the average citizen. Reducing their numbers substantially through sterilizations will hopefully prevent future poisoning campaigns, and ensure that a larger percentage of them would find a home.
  • experience has shown us that stray females become exponentially more adoptable locally after being sterilized. Almost no one would adopt locally an entire female dog... quite on the contrary, many female dogs get abandoned when pregnant or maturing and going into heat.
We're committed to keep on going with our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge and we're more motivated than ever. It's a must that we reduce stray animal numbers humanely. Otherwise, dramas like the June Ploiesti Siege will keep on reoccurring.

Can you help us?
Alternatively, bank account info is listed on the top right side of this blog. 

 Copied from the Humane Alliance, a great message for bring proactive, all the more pertinent given our situation in Ploiesti

Copied from Facebook, not sure where this photo is from but it passes on a great message... Reminds me of the advice received from a friend: "You don't get angry, you get even." And our way to get even is to sterilize, sterilize, sterilize like mad; and then sterilize some more. So the monsters won't have any more dogs left to kill in atrocious ways

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Echos from the past, a happy PRESENT in Holland

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend with friends the Erkemeder Hondendag event for dogs in Holland. Words feel too small to describe the happiness I have felt when meeting 16 of our former rescue dogs that stopped by at our little stall. Simply, amazing.

Sheppie and Lila, the first 2 lovely visitors of the day!

Smokey, visitor number 3 with his amazing owner!

 Gia, now Gina, our visitor 4, my sweet little treasure, now a big girl doing amazingly well

Little Twix, an angel of a little girl, visitor number 5

Mommy Loofah, visitor number 6,  had the opportunity to be reunited with her daughter Twix above

 Number 7: Ricky, now Mickey, a super lucky dog that beat parvo as a little frail stray pup

Our visitor number 8, Lilo, now Daan, enjoying the sun and being lazy

 Whazzup! Visitor 9, Giusto, is here!

 And visitor 10, delicate Suri, comes along with pal Giusto

 Visitor 11, another extra lucky pup, our dear Baby Bear, now Skimmer, enjoying a fun day outdoors! When he was little, his stray siblings got killed in traffic or by big adult dogs... He was the lucky one left

 Ellis, now Ollie, our visitor number 12, rescued months ago with siblings Gia and Lilo from a most despicable case of animal neglect

The luckiest number 13 that has ever been! Slanic, rescued last year as a little puppy from a life and death situation

 AnniFrid, visitor 14, always happy to run to her first mommy!

 Visitor 15, Spots, now Tessa, rocks with her good looks and cool attitude!

And then that incredible surprise: me being reunited with our former Rugby, now Daisy, by sheer coincidence. The surprise visitor number 16!

A day that gave purpose to our work; reminding us why we work so hard for the homeless dogs in this tough town and country. 

And then the song "You gotta have friends" sang by Donkey from Shrek rings in my ears. It was friends that enabled me to be here, to attend this beautiful event that charged me up with positive energy after weeks of trauma in Ploiesti. Thank you so much, Jacqueline, Yuen, Arjan, Simone, Mariska and father, for making it possible for me to attend this event!

A good team of beautiful friends trying to weave wonders for the countless unfortunate souls of Ploiesti, Romania. And the happiest when seeing former rescue doggies doing so incredibly well!

PS: More information about the event and gifts we have received coming up. This was just my first emotion of gratitude following the event.

Monday, July 1, 2013

More on the June 2013 Ploiesti Siege

We're still recovering from the terrible shock of the June 2013 Ploiesti Siege on stray animals. It has been a month beyond brutal, and now we're picking up the pieces and trying to find the culprits and bring justice for the countless animals that died in agonizing pain from being poisoned.

I have on my desk the lab results from the 3 poisoned dogs we took for post mortem examination, post mortem analyses we have paid for ourselves... The result is brutal, even if we were expecting it. The animals were poisoned with Furadan (Carbofuran), one highly toxic and deadly poison. One milliliter of it could kill an adult human being. A poison banned in Europe since 2008...Yet obviously still found in large amounts in Ploiesti, Romania.

Reading the lab results further, I realize that all three dogs examined post mortem must have suffered horrific deaths. Their lungs, liver, spleen and intestines were found to be congested. These animals bled inside from the poison and the pain must have been atrocious. Not only they died, but they died in a most brutal agonizing way. Like them, hundreds other animals, only in Ploiesti, only in a few days. Like them, millions of innocent animals all over Romania, throughout the years.

What did 21st century Romania, member country of the European Union, come to? And what did the European Union come to, if they don't ever have a word into the never ending atrocious killings of homeless animals here as means to control stray animal population? A huge wrong of Romania, but also a massive failure of the European Union to step up and do the right thing. Shame, shame, shame.

Well then, dear European Union, please meet this dog we tried to save for hours, a poisoned dog whose suffering we have witnessed, and surely will never forget. At least have the decency to watch this short video of her suffering, it's the minimum amount of respect you owe this animal that did not ask to be born to a life of suffering in a member state of the European Union:

It would have been an amazing moral victory for me to save this poisoned dog we found still alive one evening in June 2013. Instead, I've seen her suffering for hours even if the vets did everything they could for her, and she still lost the fight. A friendly homeless dog sterilized by Vier Pfoten some years ago. A dog that surely did not ask to be born to a life of suffering. How many more have to suffer like this for high ranking politicians to step up for them and actually do something to prevent more such suffering?

Yes, I am very very angry. In such moments I think all politicians that could really do something large scale against future animal cruelty surely must be psychopaths with little or no empathy for other living beings. It really feels like the men of honor are long gone from the political stage; and that only a bunch of normal people, with little resources and power but unlimited good will, still try to weave wonders in a very unfair war.

What have we come to? Baits with poison placed in public areas such as parks and parking lots have also affected owned animals taken on walks. In those very same places where children also play... Do you think our local administration ever did anything to inform the public about the risk of children getting in contact with poison in these public places? Think again. It was us, animal rescuers, who also tried to draw awareness locally about the risk of children coming into contact with the deadly poison. We actually cared!

At the end of the day, the killers killed in agonizing pain countless animals (also affecting owned companion animals), but did nothing to control the animal overpopulation responsibly on the long run. Animals will keep on being dumped in the streets by irresponsible citizens and within months numbers will go up again, like each and every single time after stray animal killing sprees. Coral Impex S.R.L. got richer this month after picking up the dead animal bodies for incineration, courtesy of our local administration, from citizens' tax money. How convenient for them...

Yes, it's tough and absurd what is going on. It's Romania. BUT it's also the European Union, one should not forget that.

June 2013. Remember them. As for us, we'll keep on sterilizing like mad in order to prevent more such future suffering.

Another happy Dog Day in Holland!

RSDP will happily be attending this year the event Erkemeder Hondendag in Holland on Saturday, July 6th, 11am- 5 pm. You can find the event listed on Facebook at this link. Anything from doggie dance competitions to para agility, plus many stalls with plenty of nice things to buy for dogs; a truly fun day coming up!

As always, the RSDP team will be super happy to greet as many of our former rescue dogs as possible! Please please please, come with your dog to see us. We miss all our former rescue doggies and it's always such a rewarding experience to see them again.

Sweet Gia, super set on coming to the event, we have a date!

You'll find us near Dog's Wish and HondenBrokkenMakers stalls. 

Sooo... What are you doing this coming Saturday?