Sunday, June 30, 2013

Same dog, two worlds apart...

Looking back, I can only wonder what kind of ruthless, backward country we are. And then I remember. We're a 21st century European Union country, at least theoretically. A country with animal protection legislation on paper, but a country where no one ever gets in trouble for having entire females and dumping or killing the unwanted resulting puppies. A country where the sense of morality, honor and responsibility are mostly a thing belonging to the past. Where the decent, proactive citizens really have become an endangered minority; whose lives are a living hell having to put up with so much...

Here's a soul that stands for millions others that have come and gone. An extremely lucky case, an exception.

Benny as we found him nearly 1 year ago, thrown as trash in a garbage collection point in Ploiesti, in beyond horrible condition, with the heaviest flea infestation possible. Puppies, Romanian style!

Formerly Benny, now Gino, now living the life it should in Holland. Dogs, Dutch style!

In present day reality, Romania is overall light years away in morality, responsibility, honor and decency from where it should be; a country where corruption, cruelty and injustice have royal seats. But the animals surely have no fault... For them, we continue to stand

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