Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 34

On May 28th we drove the FPCC van around Ploiesti and collected 22 animals for free sterilization. Unfortunately, the vet deemed one owned female dog not in good enough shape to be sterilized. Hence, on Day 34 we sterilized 21 animals (19 dogs and 2 cats; that is 20 females and 1 male), and we'll wait for the owned female dog to get in better shape so she can get sterilized as well in the future.

Here's Day 34 of pickups in pictures:

 One lovely friendly female from a super overcrowded gypsy courtyard

 Females from a factory courtyard

 A lovely stray teenage female

And the loveliest teenage male pup, the only male sterilized on Day 34 of free sterilizations; we took him for sterilization as one of his testicles was red and inflamed

On May 30th we returned the 21 sterilized animals plus the 1 unsterilized female back into their territories or to their carers:

 A sterilized owned female doggie happily reunited with her carer; a beloved dog that won't contribute anymore to increasing the number of unwanted pups

 Happy dogs and carers; reunions are always so joyous!

 Awaited with food by her owner; the pups from her last litter were also happy to be reunited with their mommy

 Sweet friendly dogs waiting to be returned

 Some months ago we met this stray female with a whole litter of little pups... a couple of months later, and the now teenage pups were of reproductive age as well! We had both mom and her teenage daughters sterilized on Day 34

 Sweet friendly dogs, returned sterilized

 On their way to be back into their territories!

And a sterilized kitty, no more kitten for you!

Well, that was our Day 34 with 21 free sterilizations. Another busy day for us in a city where the stray animal overpopulation is so severe that these poor animals have little or no inner value in the eyes of our fellow citizens. We do everything humanely possible to prevent more litters from being born into a world that does not care about them and their suffering. For their own good, we strive to reduce their numbers through sterilizations and education.

The angels that made Day 34 of free sterilizations possible are HondenBrokkenMakers and lovely Gia, Wouter and Help4Strays, Stephen T, Cecilia B, Anna H, Susanne G, Nacima and her beloved Lady, Ana Z, Leonie P and Elly P. 

Furthermore, may thanks to the angels that made possible the 5 emergency sterilizations provided at the vet clinic in town on May 28th and May 30th: Toni R, Mirjam BH, Antina S and Caroline T.

This concludes the end of a very productive May 2013 full of sterilizations: 102 sterilizations more precisely!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing and may God richly bless you.