Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 32

On May 22nd we drove the FPCC van around Ploiesti to collect 20 animals (16 dogs and 4 cats) for free sterilizations part of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 32. Doggies and cats from all over the city. Many females already pregnant. But all lovely animals that do not deserve to be breeding machines, only to give birth to more puppies and kitten born to suffer. We say no more.

Here's Day 32 of pickups in pictures:

 A lovely animal lover bringing in a pregnant stray cat for sterilization. She told us that recently another cat from that neighborhood gave birth, and in 15 minutes both her kitten were killed by passing cars... Better prevent through sterilizations than allow such things to happen to poor innocent souls.

All sizes and shapes, but all great friendly dogs

Two days later, on May 24th, we returned the 20 sterilized animals back into their territories:

It's such a rewarding feeling to return sterilized animals to their carers. So much gratitude and happiness in their eyes (not to mention the terrific fact that no more unwanted litters will come from that sterilized animal)

A dog happy to be back in her territory

The wonderful people that made these 20 sterilizations possible are Katelijne, Kristin S, Sabine S, Marie FK, Claudia DD, Danny C, Alan and Debbie M and Albi, Pamela M, Kathryn W and Toni the ever so thoughtful friend of cats. Thank you dearly!

Earlier in the week, on May 21st, 22nd and 23rd we provided 5 more emergency sterilizations at the collaborating vet clinic in town. Big thanks to StrayDogs Rescue NL, Barni and Brownie for making these additional sterilizations possible!

Meet Cheeky, a teenage female found abandoned in the streets. Within a couple of months she would have gone into heat. She was sterilized on May 22nd at the vet clinic in town, and is currently looking for owners

In a Romanian city plagued with massive stray animal overpopulation, every single sterilization matters!

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