Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 31

In a Romanian city with estimates of up to 8,000 strays and a never ending supply of more abandoned pups, we truly cannot allow ourselves to be passive. It is RSDP's creed that sterilizations are the only way to reduce stray animal numbers humanely, and also help the largest number of animals possible with limited funding.

We held Day 31 of free sterilizations on May 20th. Day 31 was special because we held it simultaneously in 2 locations, with 2 vet teams, in which a total of 10 animals got sterilized:
  • 7 female dogs at the FPCC vet clinic on the outskirts of Ploiesti
  • 3 animals (2 female dogs and 1 cat) at the vet clinic in town
And here is Day 31 at the FPCC vet clinic in pictures:

Vet Gabi Bratu, always providing top quality sterilizations

 We found this heavily pregnant female in a highly trafficked area. She was sterilized, then kept in recovery at a volunteer's home for a few days before being returned into her territory. Her unborn pups were also really big, likely too big for such a small female (that's what can happen in the streets when females mate with males of all sizes). It's possible mom and pups would have died during the birthing process, given the size of the pups compared to the size of the mom

 A young female in heat

 Female dogs come in all sizes! This was an owned Caucasian Shepherd mix. Her owners had found her abandoned as a little puppy

 Look what fine, small surgery!

 And the cherry on top: this female had pyometra, so the sterilization surgery saved her life. Yes, sterilizations save lives! Even better, a friend found her a lovely home locally, so now this girl is off the streets, and also won't contribute anymore to bringing into the world more unwanted puppies

The angels that made possible these 10 life-saving sterilizations of Day 31 are: Mary H, Brenda, Eva-Maria S, Inge P, Ingrid R, Deborah R, Lisa SC, Toni R, and Jacqueline BS. Many thanks!

The week before we also provided 7 more emergency sterilizations at the vet clinic in town, on May 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th.

On May 15th, we sterilized two stray teenage females at the vet clinic in town. Their mom was a teenage herself when she mated with her brother and had these puppies... It would have been even more horrible for these teenage pups to continue the cycle

The 7 emergency sterilizations from May 14-18 were generously covered by: Gabriele B, Yuen and Mieko. Thank you kindly!

Now, time to go back to work!

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