Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 30

A few weeks ago, on May 13th, we held Day 30 of free sterilizations part of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. A total of 13 females (9 dogs and 4 cats) got sterilized. Here's the day in pictures:

Dogs and cats, homeless or owned, a total of 13 females won't have any more unwanted litters to end up in the streets. That is not little... Every single sterilization counts!

The thoughtful animal lovers making these 13 free sterilizations of Day 30 possible are: Eline, Melanie F, Patricia M, Joanne V N, Susana A O, Marika T, Yuen T, LeeAnn from Ballroom Dance Instruction, Claudia K, Timmy and the store Hondenbench BE, and Toni R the wonderful friend of cats. Many thanks to you all!

Earlier in the month, on May 9th and 10th, 2 more emergency sterilizations were performed at the collaborating vet clinic in town, courtesy of friends Yuen T and Toni R. Thank you so much!

Little by little, day by day, we work together to make a difference in the stray animal numbers suffering in Ploiesti. Until the day no more pups would be born to suffer in the streets.

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