Sunday, June 30, 2013

Panda, my savior

In an evil, cruel world, after having seen countless dead dog bodies of animals that had endured agonizing deaths from being poisoned, it was more than I could take...

But then some friends that had helped me a great deal morally asked me for help with a little abandoned puppy... I could not say no, and instantly fell in love. A needy little girl with scabies that has been like honey to me, like bandage for a broken heart after all I had seen in the last weeks. Now she's on treatment for scabies, but she's such a lovely little soul. The ultimate shrink, a little helpless doggie sleeping in my arms like a little baby. Not sure who needed who the most... She has healed me, but now she would love to get a home of her own. Meet Panda!

Panda in the first few days, suffering terribly from itchy scabies, but started right away on treatment at the vet. In a few weeks she'll be healed

 A "massive" furball of less than 2 kilos when she first stepped into my life

 Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping... just a wee bit bigger than the remote control

Always making everyone laugh, sleeping in the funniest positions

One week later, and she's a little star with silly, funny personality and tons of affection

Panda will most likely stay a fairly small doggie. Just another abandoned soul in the ruthless streets of Ploiesti, an innocent soul already born and in need of a home. Do you know the perfect home for her?