Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our wish list with items needed to help the dogs

We really have a few items we would greatly need in our work to continue helping the strays.

Our wish list:

1) Balinese nets to help us catch the fearful dogs. All homeless animals must by all means be sterilized in order to contain the stray animal overpopulation. Friendly socialized dogs are very easy to gently catch by hand but... some dogs surely are fearful. Aside the humane trap cage, one or two Balinese nets could work wonders with fearful animals!

2) A new surgical cradle for the FPCC vet Gabi Bratu. He only has one surgical cradle and he provides sterilizations at several vet clinics, which means that one surgical cradle must be transported everywhere.

3) Sterilization wraps. Given the hundreds of animals we sterilize, we always need more sterilization wraps.

4) A basic microchip reader. We need to check that the animals prepared for adoption abroad have well functioning microchips. So nothing undesirable happens to them during transit or when getting abroad.

That's our wish list. Who knows, maybe you could help us continue to help the thousands of needy strays of Ploiesti with one wish item?

1 comment:

  1. Please let me know the cost of each item on your wish list. I know you have the microchip reader. Thank you. Deborah Reilly