Sunday, June 2, 2013

A special visit

At the end of April we were visited by dear friends from the Dutch organization Dog's Wish. This was their second visit to Ploiesti, a Romanian city plagued with massive stray dog overpopulation. We had a few busy days together, attending one full sterilization day (Day 29 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge) and one short spay day directly at the FPCC vet clinic on the outskirts of Ploiesti. Furthermore, we've also attended together a meeting with local authorities regarding stray dog population management, we've visited the Puppy Center, the collaborating vet clinic in town and some of the RSDP volunteers.

 Dog's Wish and RSDP attending together an important meeting with local authorities and press regarding a proposed stray dog management project

Visiting the collaborating vet clinic in town

Dog's Wish friends did not come empty handed! They've helped financially towards sterilizations, and brought several gifts for us and the FPCC team helping us:

3 pairs of heavy duty boots for the FPCC dog catchers and carers that help us during sterilization days, courtesy of friend Eline and a generous sponsor that chose to remain anonymous

A bag of medical supplies for the FPCC vet team from friend Simone

6 lovely work overalls for the FPCC team and us from friend Yuen

At the end of the visit, Dog's Wish invited RSDP volunteers and FPCC workers to a farewell dinner. After a lot of hard work, this was a great team bonding experience.

And the cherry on top, Dog's Wish friends did not leave Ploiesti empty handed. They flew back to Holland with 6 lovely dogs and pups prepared for adoption.

Lady's life is forever changed for the better. A former stray in bad shape, she was one of the lucky dogs that flew to Holland with Dog's Wish friends

Dog's Wish, we cannot thank you enough for your friendship and support! RSDP exists and can help so many needy homeless animals because of friends like you.

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