Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Ploiesti Neutering Challenge and emergency sterilizations

In the last few months we have started collaborating for sterilizations with another local veterinary clinic in Ploiesti, in addition to the FPCC vet team which covers our large sterilization days. At this new local vet clinic we strive to cover especially the emergency sterilization surgeries needed asap.

Meet the animals sterilized at this vet clinic over the course of one week:

Recently abandoned in the streets of Ploiesti, found already pregnant; sterilized on April 17th

Forefront: little abandoned female in heat; she was adopted locally, and we also sterilized the doggie in the back, the adopter's old dog; so two more sterilizations on April 19th

Poppy, found in the streets in heat; sterilized on April 22nd

Two more emergency sterilizations on April 23rd; the elderly owner of these 2 dogs got too sick to be able to care for them; we had both dogs sterilized, we managed to rehome locally one of the dogs, and are about to rehome locally the second dog as well

We realize sometimes it really is a must to be able to sterilize animals asap, and not have to wait until we have enough donations for a full sterilization day. For the animals in heat harassed by males, for pregnant animals, being able to sterilize them asap can make all the difference. 

These 6 emergency sterilizations were kindly made possible by Zoe and her dear Onbe, Maureen, Lin, Angela and Silvia. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift!

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